Hello, My Darling

Denim Jacket Thrifted, by Style & Co. ($6?)
Green Patterned Tee JCPenney, by Made for Life ($7?)
Faux-Denim Skirt Thrifted, by New York Clothing Company ($10)
Red Heels Target, by Mossimo ($30)
Headband Inherited ($0)
Earrings Gift ($0)
Baguette Bass, by G.H. Bass & Co. ($28)
Wardrobe essentials in this look Dark wash denim midi skirt, neutral large purse
One of the most difficult things about blogging is beginning one’s blog. Ever noticed that? So I’m not going to begin. Act like you’ve known me forever. You know that I love fashion, trying to figure out how to eat more healthfully, and that I have a poetry explication to work on today which is due in my literature class tomorrow. You know all that already. You also know that on Thursday I’ll take a school field trip to the Shakespearean tragedy Othello in Portland, Oregon; that on Tuesday I’ll attend my cousin’s baseball game and hopefully complete some homework while I’m at it; and that tomorrow I get to attend a 3D showing of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. But, of course, all of that is in the hands of Jesus. Isn’t Jesus the sweetest name ever?

I liked the challenge of pairing the red heels with this outfit. Because of their bright hue, they don’t complement many things, and it’s a bit daring to match them up with an otherwise teal-toned outfit. It was a fairly “fresh” outfit with me, which is always wonderful because as fashionistas we often—accidentally—get stuck in ruts. As I document my style on this blog, one of my goals is to remain as original as possible.

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