It Might As Well Be Spring

The weather here has been beautiful today. I notice the puffy white clouds and am happy I can think, “Oh, those are stratocumulus clouds!”
Then I see their dark undersides and know that once they collide, collision coalescence will occur and it will rain. I wonder if the wind will move them toward the Simcoes before they produce their precipitation, or if they’ll rain over us. I’m guessing the latter. 
Yes, my meteorology class is catching up with me :) But I love being able to apply what I learn to anything else in life—I just think it’s so beautiful how everything fits together.
I’ve unfortunately had a bit of a cold this past week, exacerbated by the fact that I’ve been running to and fro every day since Sunday. (I love the word “exacerbate.” I’ve been using it all over lately.) I have a strong immune system (thanks, Dad!), so my colds don’t hit me super hard, but they irritate me because I have so little energy when I have to be going so many places. I’ve been trying to swallow lots of Vitamin C—at least two grams a day, more if I remember (or feel like it :)).
I always feel so happy when I wear this skirt. Twirling is such a great pastime. And denim jackets are one of the greatest additions to one’s wardrobe, methinks—so versatile, and they tend to make the outfit look even more put-together, in spite of the fact that they’re considered casual. Wearing my hair up, too—I don’t know. I guess it makes me feel pretty :)
:: Watermelon Tee :: JCPenney, by St John’s Bay ($6?)
:: Skirt :: Ross, by Metrowear ($17?)
:: Earrings :: Gift ($0)
:: Necklace :: Thrifted ($5?)
:: Denim Jacket :: Thrifted ($5?)
:: Belt :: Ross, by Metrowear
:: Shoes :: Thrifted, by Curfew ($3)
:: wardrobe essentials in this look :: Denim jacket, nude ballet flats


  1. Hannah, the outfit is absolutely beautiful! I love you in a skirt - it's so flattering and feminine! :) And the pop of pink color is very Springish! Love ♥


    1. Aw, thank you, Rebecca! So glad to hear from you! :) I love wearing skirts--they're so flowy and feel so pretty :)


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