Written and describing events on Thursday, May 29, 2014
There's something about a hard couple of days that just seems to usher in one spectacular day, where pretty much everything is going right--and the things that don't, you're able to overlook.

Getting woken up at 8:32 a.m. when you have to leave at 8:45 at the latest isn't quite the best time frame to throw on a fashionable outfit. Thankfully, my constant rotation of outfits helps me to know what I want to wear and don't want to wear--and what goes together well. So I pulled on my relatively new sprigged dress and my favorite cardigan and bravely slid on my red heels, even though I knew I'd have to wear them for the next nine hours. You'd rather be dead than out of style, as Grandma says.
On the drive to the high school I warred in my brain over whether Tuesday's essay on Mrs. Warren's Profession by George Bernard Shaw was good or not good. I went into Mrs. K.'s classroom and, as I organized my desk and backpack, turned around to greet Ben as he came in, smiling. "Hello, Bunburyist," said I, but was disappointed when he didn't catch my reference. I turned back around to see Matthew receive the stack of essays from Mrs. K. and hand them to me with the information that mine was on top. I clenched my jaw when I took mine off, braced myself for disappointment, and flung the prompt page over to reveal. . . .
100A sprawled across the top of the sheet of paper in red ink. I smiled in relief and proceeded to buoyantly hand out the other seven essays.
Enter The Importance of Being Earnest Act III, where I nervously awaited Mrs. K.'s proposal that I act one of the parts. It came--and I reluctantly acquiesced to playing haughty Lady Bracknell. 
Aaaaaaannnnnnnnnnd it ended up probably being one of the funner things I've done all month long. British accent? Check. Get to play someone I'm not remotely like (haha)? Check. Get to act for the first time in a months? Check. Plus Ben considered my role a success. Yay for that.

As I rose to leave, Mrs. K. commented on my outfit's "red, white, and blue"ness, which I honestly hadn't even noticed or considered when I put it on. But tomorrow is the true Memorial Day--the day that World War II officially ended. Sixty-nine years. Wow. . . . My history class's research paper deals with the Pearl Harbor attack and, in summary, its effects on World War II/the future; and I guess I've just had World War II on the brain more this year than at other times. But that war has always fascinated me--maybe because, as a high school freshman, I wrote a paper on Adolf Hitler, and maybe because as a junior I started planning out a paper on FDR's role in the Pearl Harbor attack. Or maybe it's because of all the vintage-y clothes which are so in vogue now or the Molly McIntire books I read when I was younger.

Freedom is not free.

Aaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnd off my falsely philosophical soap box.

As I was leaving the college today to try to find epic places to photograph myself, a young man followed me out--he was dressed in some very interesting apparatus that looked kind of like road worker clothes but not, and I'm supposing he was either part of nursing, RET, or welding--and remarked, "You look nice." I thought laughingly afterward, "I'm going to say on my blog that he didn't enunciate very well . . ." because I wasn't entirely certain what he said, but I looked around and he nodded to me and I turned away.

I was ever so slightly creeped out--a stranger guy has never said that to me before--but I managed to reply condescendingly, "Thank you." You know, in some situations you're really not sure how to respond. . . .

And tonight, a pretty new dress came through the mailbox from Honestly Me Clothing! I won it on a giveaway from Eden's Evaluations, and am wearing it as I write this up. It's polka-dotted and fits quite well even though it's a size or two smaller than what I would normally have gotten. And a plus? Honestly Me was incredible with the shipping. I believe I found out on Saturday or Sunday that I had won and emailed the lady back and forth (she was very kind, too!) to figure out sizing, which dress I wanted, and other things. She mentioned that she wouldn't be able to get the dress out Monday, since it was Memorial Day, but would hope to on Tuesday. And I received it two days after when it was coming from New York and I live in Washington State! Talk about service!

 cardigan gift, by a new approach ($0)
cami gift, by a new approach ($0)
dress thrifted, by dressbarn ($9)
heels target, by mossimo ($30)
wardrobe essentials in this look amazingly, none

Also on this wonderful day was an appearance of the majestic S.S. Legacy, docked in The Dalles Harbor:


  1. 1. I don't know why but this whole post cracked me up (in a good way).
    2. Mrs. Kruse is so selfish with the Lady Bracknell role that I'm amazed she deigned you worthy to act it out (she always hogged it in our class because she said "no one could do it right").
    3. I LOVE THAT OUTFIT. I want red heels.
    4. You positively nailed the lighting in Picture #3.

    1. 1. Yay :) I love cracking people up. It was so much fun to write it!
      2. Oh garbage guts. Thanks for telling me that--now she probably thinks I'm absolutely horrid. It's really fun though.
      3. I was happy about it too :) You should go to Payless--the "short" heels that Mom got come in various shades, red included. These ones look more classy than the Payless kind, probably, but they're a whole lot less comfortable :P
      4. THANK YOU :) So hard to get it right and most of my pictures turn out crappy as a result.

  2. YES YES YES.. that outfit is wonderful. The dress looks wonderful on you.

    I second Hallie's opinion. I want red heels now. (I am very slowly becoming more confident with brighter colors and I think I might be ready to slowly incorporate a little more "crazy" into my wardrobe. good crazy... not weird crazy. :)

    YOU MUST POST PICTURES OF THE DRESS!!!! I am excited to see it. :)

    I have a really good book on women during WW2, (it's in my tbr stack, but I've browsed through it.) It is super interesting. I should loan it to you if you're interested. It follows the roles that women had during the war, and what life was like from all different aspects, like the women pilots, what the women at home were struggling with, nurses, factory workers, etc.

    !00% wonderful job, dearie. You are excellent.

    also, I miss you!!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :):) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

    1. Haha, thank you :) Your comments always make me laugh--I love reading them.

      I will hopefully get to use that dress in a fashion post sometime soon :)

      That book sounds interesting! especially because during that time period women were still going through the equal rights/full suffrage debate. Honestly, having a real history teacher is a HUGE help because he/she helps you to see the importance of everything and that always gets you MUCH more interested in the topics.

      Thank you :) It was a good day.

      I miss you TOO!! I will mention to Mom about your coming over for the weekend; hopefully it will be SOON. Very soon :)

  3. ...not sure how I keep missing your new posts!! *trying to figure it out*

    1. Oh, that's okay, Rissi! I appreciate your commitment :)


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