My 2014 Graduation Dress Picks

Argh . . . honestly, writing the introduction to a blog post is the worst thing ever. I hate introductions. I just struggled over one for about twenty minutes this morning while writing my literature essay, and thanked goodness that I didn't have to craft a thesis statement for my history essay. And since school is nearly out and graduation season is upon us, all of you girls graduating from high school/college get to go pick out a pretty dress! (Don't you love excuses to shop? :)) Before sharing a few ideas for you, I'll give you a peek at what's coming into my closet within the next couple of weeks:
Knit Peasant Dress
The above is perfect if you want a more casual dress (the above is mainly cotton), but still want to look nice. If you're going for something slightly fancier, though. . . .
Dress 1 I like for a Saturday evening party. Its blue lacy patterns make it perfect for a slightly fancier occasion, and it would look lovely to dance in. 
Dress 2 I like for an after-church party, because it's casual enough for an early afternoon party but nice enough for church service.
Dress 3 is great for the cocktail-formal graduation party, where there'll be dancing and a fancy dinner and the whole point is to dress up. Also, I thought I'd throw in that you could match your school colors with your graduation dress; however, I find the thought a little boring. What do you all think?
Dress 4 I see as a pretty casual party dress, although if the denim is stiff it could come across (nowadays) as even more formal than Dress 2. It depends a lot on your accessories; accessorizing this with Converse shoes would be appropriate for a really casual day, methinks.

Which dress is your favorite?


  1. I like 1 & 3 best. ARe you getting that blue one?

    1. I like 1 & 3 the best too :) Yep, hopefully the one from Chadwicks will be coming soon!

  2. my favorites are the royal multi and #1. :) But they're all super pretty and cute.

    So are you having a party like you mentioned? :)

    1. Yeah, I love the Royal Multi one! I want to have a party, but coordinating it with Stephen's, Aaron's, and Ben's graduations is going to be difficult :P If I were to plan it, I would choose a couple hours' worth of open house and some snacks. But there would have to be a lot of food prep, plus we'd have to decide on a day. . . .


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