Stop Apologizing!

A common mistake people make is thinking that only the bloggers who've gotten twelve hundred followers can give advice. And, it's true--handing out blogging advice when it doesn't look like you've done that well yourself in the blogging world can appear presumptuous. But . . . every blogger has his or her likes and dislikes about blogging in general, and he or she should be able to share them.

One pretty bad mistake to make is apologizing--and constantly. "Sorry my pictures are so bad!" "Sorry I haven't posted in ages!" "Sorry . . ."

And believe me, I can't condemn anyone here because I have been guilty of the same mistake all. too. often.
And I know how difficult it is to stop. "But wait!" you think. "Shouldn't I apologize for this? I mean, they think it's horrible, right? So shouldn't I make up for that?" 

The thing is . . . apologizing so often can actually make you look unprofessional.
And "professional" is--however unfair it may seem--a pretty great advertisement for your blog.
Okay, so admittedly this pose is a little weird. Ha! I didn't apologize!
I'd like to use Olivia at Fresh Modesty as an example. Even though in her earliest blog posts she often went for a couple of months without posting, she very rarely apologized for it. Thus, she didn't annoy what readers she had at the time with overwhelming amounts of "Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!"

:: earrings :: gift ($0)
:: necklace :: me-made ($0)
:: dress :: thrifted, by george ($3.50)
:: nail polish :: gift, by salley hansen diamond strength, in "sparkling rose" ($0)
:: flats :: kmart, by bongo ($20)
:: wardrobe essentials in this look :: little black dress

What about you?
Have you ever had this problem before?
What are some common mistakes you think bloggers make, and wish they'd stop doing (for heaven's sake!)?


  1. That is so true! Life has to come first so if you don't post for a while, oh well! You were busy living! And your blog is whatever you want it to be, so don't apologize for doing whatever you want with it! :)

    1. Exactly right, Laura! I forgot to say that in the post--your blog is your blog, not someone else's!

  2. Hannah, I love this outfit on you! Can't go wrong with a little black dress.

    1. Thanks so much, Katelyn! I love that black dress--probably the best addition to my wardrobe ever! :)

    2. is that the same LBD that you've had since earlier this year, or is it new? For some reason it seems different... but maybe that is just because you've done a wonderful job of styling it different. :)

    3. It's the same :) Haha, thank you ... well I also haven't worn it on any of my blogs since December, so it might be hard to remember that well. :)


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