#1maxi3days | Day 1

Today I am housesitting for a couple from our church. I didn't realize quite how long it would take to get the mail, feed the cats, feed the dog, clean out the dog kennel, water the plants, and take the dog for a walk, so I didn't get these photos taken till well after eight o' clock.
The surroundings were very pretty, though the lighting wasn't excellent. I should have maybe taken them in front of the garage or something; but whatever, I can do that tomorrow :)
I was rather proud of the way I styled this maxi skirt today. Although, it is slightly uncomfortable and feels quite "puffy"--suffice it to say I don't think I'll be wearing a maxi skirt this way again ;)
But if you don't know how to work a sock bun on your hair, you should really learn. They're the best for looking cute and getting your hair out of your eyes at the same time!
earrings gift, from payless ($6.99)
blouse jcpenney, by decree (no idea)
belt ross, by metrowear (originally part of a skirt)
skirt fred meyer, by great northwest: indigo ($11.98)
shoes kmart, by bongo ($20)
wardrobe essentials in this look neutral statement earrings, neutral maxi skirt
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  1. Your shirt looks REALLY good on you! It's totally your color!

    1. Aw, thanks @The Modesty Movement! especially because looking through these pictures I didn't feel like the top looked very good on me at all.

      I really appreciate your taking the time to comment--that's what's so great about linkups! They're so encouraging to a "new" blogger ;)

  2. This outfit looks really nice. Even though The way you styles your skirt felt "puffy" as you say, I think it looks great! :)

  3. Yay for housesitting! I really love this color on you. It seems that red/pink are the colors that go so perfectly with your complexion, though you really look lovely in any color. :D

    Also, the maxi skirt is super cute. Maxi skirts and dresses are my favorites!!

    a vapor in the wind

    1. Thank you, Danielle! You are so sweet :) I'm not supposed to wear orange and yellow though. I'm pretty sure yellow would be awful on me. haha

      I love them too! They're so comfortable :)


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