#1maxi3days | Day 3

#sillyshot :)
At the moment I feel totally uninspired--hence very little writing in today's post. Yesterday was stressful, and everything that could have gone wrong did go wrong regarding taking photos--as in, my memory card was locked, the lighting was terrible (found out via Becca that my ISO was too low), my memory card wouldn't upload my photos onto my computer, and then I had severe writer's block.

I spent most of today shopping with my mom and sister. I had planned to get a pair of jeans, but there were none for a decent price which were also my style and my size. Ah, the irritation of forcing oneself to shop only in thrift stores and clearance racks ;) I did snag one very cute item at JCPenney, which I hope to show all of you in a haul video this week.

The last day of #1maxi3days saw me make my maxi a little more stylish--again, a common trend among the linking-up bloggers, since quite a few of them, I believe, attended church :)
earrings gift ($0)
necklace gift ($0)
denim jacket thrifted, by style & co. ($6?)
red blouse gift, by jockey ($0)
bracelet gift ($0)
nail polish fred meyer, by wet 'n' wild megalast, in "i red a good book" ($1.99)
maxi skirt fred meyer, by great northwest: indigo ($11.98)
heels gift, by comfort plus ($0)
wardrobe essentials in this look neutral statement earrings, denim jacket, neutral maxi skirt, nude heels

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  1. this is my favorite of the three looks :)

    1. Mine too, definitely :) Thanks for commenting, Laurz!

  2. Super cute! I love the jean jacket with it. :)


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