I don't have anything that goes with this!

Way back in last September, I wrote a post on the blog I currently use for books and writing, detailing the "fashion blunder" of buying too many white wardrobe items and supposing that they were just as neutral as your typical black or gray. On that post, one of my sweet readers told me advice she received from her sister: don't buy too many printed or patterned tops and printed or patterned bottoms--or you won't have a single thing with which to wear them.
 um, no.
In fact, I've seen people I know not actually commit this error, but say instead, "I just don't know if I have anything that goes with it." And I want to tell them, "Don't you know how easy it is to fix that?"
Do you see what a difference the black maxi skirt makes? The neutrality of it not only ensures that it will "go," or "look good," with the floral top, but it also pulls the entire outfit together and throws off a much more professional vibe. Win-win, right?

Do you see now how you amend this problem? You create a list of "wardrobe basics." It's very simple to do--there are dozens of helpful lists on the Internet--but if you need extra help, in almost every single one of my fashion posts I say, after the "wardrobe credits," what the closet essentials in the look are. It's very rare that I will wear an outfit without at least one wardrobe staple. And if you have a host of neutral items in your collection, the likelihood of your ever running into a problem like this is very small.

Have you had this problem before?
What have been some of your fashion blunders in the past?
Where do you feel you need improvement in your style?

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  1. Great examples, Hannah. I definitely agree you have to be careful what you pair together. Since I usually wear jeans, I feel like "anything goes," but there are still limits there, too. Fun post! :)

    1. Thank you, Rissi! Jeans are great :) They're definitely a must-have--especially dark wash. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Great post! It's always good to have those basic "go to" pieces that you can mix and match with :) Alex


    1. *insert scream* I am so excited that you commented, Alex! Thank you! Your blog is in my top three favorite fashion blogs :)


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