It's Good To Be Alive

I love it when I have funny stories to share on this blog. Somehow writing them down--and knowing I can--makes me notice and appreciate those "little things" all the more.
So, I was in literature class this morning taking my multiple choice final exam. (Which are the most horrible inventions ever, by the way. I knew all the material very well indeed--but the confusion between possible answers is -- not made for a stress-free environment.) I had finished the first half, and went up to Mrs. K.'s desk to receive the second part, at which point instead of telling me I could put my first part in her little to-be-graded-box she simply watched me. People looking at me makes me quite uncomfortable, so I just stood there waiting . . . and waiting . . . and she finally looked up and said, "Oh--" and motioned to the next part I was supposed to get. She proceeded to say, "I was admiring your outfit. You look so pretty." It made me crack up.
You will recall the top half of this outfit from last Wednesday's post. If you compare the two, though, you'll realize they don't actually look that similar. Why? It's in the accessories. (It is my belief that the ability to accessorize is what separates a veritably professional fashionista from an amateur--and no, I do not consider myself nearly professional.) Different shoes, different skirt, different hairstyle, different nails. Oh, and different location :)
My sister Amy remarked that I look like I'm saluting the flag in this picture. I personally thought I looked more like I was getting emotional about something. Haha.
I also have an announcement to make. I have decided that the name 'charmant' doesn't really describe this blog the way I thought it would. (Besides which, it doesn't really stand out--and you want your blog's name to stand out.) You might think I'm just making excuses . . . haha :) But, really, my new chosen name--'dance a real'--is a much better definition of my attitude on this blog. I can't wait to get the new header up for all of you :)
lace cardigan fred meyer, by eyeshadow ($17)
red blouse gift, by jockey ($0)
nail polish borrowed ($0)
skirt gift, by liz claiborne ($0)
heels target, by mossimo ($30)
wardrobe essentials in this look neutral midi skirt


  1. Love the lace over the red! Red is such a great color on you!

    1. Aw, thanks, Laura!

      I really appreciate your dedication to coming and leaving a comment on my blog after I've done the same on yours :) Thanks for being so considerate!

  2. I really like pic #2 :) It's very artistic.

    1. Thank you, Halz! #detailshot It turned out very well, amazingly--that was my first "dedicated" attempt at detail-shooting. Also, THANK GOODNESS for photo editing. I love it very much (even though it makes me feel a little dishonest :P). And did you see that I got BOKEH in that second picture? MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENT!

  3. Classy outfit! Red is my favorite color, and I think it compliments dark hair.

    1. Thanks, Paulina! Red is probably my favorite color too--especially because I know it's in my color season :)


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