The {#1maxi3days} Blog Event

I am very excited to be sharing the {#1maxi3days} blog event with you today, which will officially happen this weekend, from Friday, June 20th, to Sunday, June 22nd! I'm stoked because this is the first fashion challenge I'll be participating in in the blogosphere, since the only other challenge in which I've had a personal style blog is the {#1buttondown3days} blog event, which occurred last April, and which I figured it would be impractical of me to join. Both events, fyi, were and are hosted by Bramblewood Fashion, which is in my top four favorite fashion blogs. 

The skirt I will be sporting over the three days is a simple gray maxi skirt by Great Northwest: Indigo, which I bought at Fred Meyer this past winter for $11.98 on the clearance rack. I would have liked to get the black one, but I was afraid it was too tight over my rear to be modest, so I chose the gray one, which was a size larger.
(If you'd like to see actual photos of me wearing this skirt, click here. That was on my old Wordpress blog which I abandoned after a couple of months. If you want to know the pros + cons of Wordpress vs. Blogger, click here.)

Originally I had planned to wear my Indian-patterned crinkle maxi skirt, since unfortunately I just styled this one for church on Sunday (I'd have liked to get a post up that day--but I was being lazy ;)). But that maxi skirt was going to be beyond difficult to style--so many different colors in it! This one, conversely, can be dressed both up and down depending on my desires :) Don't you love a good neutral maxi skirt?
Are you planning on joining in this challenge?
Do you have any advice on how to style a maxi skirt?
Remember that until July 1st, my Q & A 2014 is still open!