Wordpress vs. Blogger

What the Wordpress dashboard looks like. A bit cold and uninviting, no?
A trend among bloggers lately is the switch from Blogger to Wordpress. I'm guessing you've read blogs that've done it or tried to do it yourself--or maybe wanted to do it yourself. I am here to give you the pros and cons of each :) While it won't be in perfect detail, it will hopefully give you some insight on whether you should make the switch or not. (Although I know that when I wanted to switch, pretty much nothing was going to deter me from doing so.)
What the Blogger dashboard looks like. A bit more open?
p r o s : The designs are professional.
The following method (e-mail) is very simple; if a person follows you on his or her dashboard, an e-mail will also come into his or her inbox when you publish a post.
It is much easier to use drop-down menus for pages/categories than in Blogger.
c o n s : When they say the design is limited, THE DESIGN IS LIMITED. As in, you can't even change the font of the design without paying fifty bucks. 
About NONE of my book blog's followers came to my Wordpress blog--so the community is very closed--but my guess is that part of that reason is that Blogger users just don't want to "get used" to another blogging platform.
The dashboard itself is pretty cold and uninviting.
r e s u l t s : pros = 3; cons = 3. Equal.
p r o s : You can customize your own design for zero moolah, and learn pretty much anything you want through the right HTML and CSS codes. 
The main following method (Google Friend Connect) requires no e-mailing.
The dashboard is very open and inviting.
c o n s : Drop-down page menus are difficult to install since you have to use HTML and CSS codes.
CSS and HTML take some time to learn if you want good blog design.
There are so many following methods that it boggles the mind.
r e s u l t s : pros = 3; cons = 3. Equal.
O T H E R    T H O U G H T S
You can get used to anything, said Meursault in Albert Camus's The Stranger. If you start out on Wordpress, you'll probably like it a lot better than Blogger. But if you start on Blogger, STAY with Blogger. Trust me. The limited design is NOT worth it, and losing your followers is NOT worth it.

Also, when premier bloggers say, "If you haven't taken the step of switching from Blogger to self-hosted Wordpress, GET ON IT" they don't mean wordpress.com. They mean wordpress.org, where you have to buy domains and designs. And if you don't have the money to pay for a Wordpress.org domain, just stick with Blogger. It's seriously way easier.
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  1. I'd like to be self hosted (probably just with Blogger) but haven't read enough about it yet to feel comfortable and well, overall, I just prefer Blogger. Because, as you say, having to pay for design privileges is just not something I'm willing to do right now.

    1. Yes indeed :) I, also, would like to be self-hosted somehow, but am not willing to spend the money for it at the moment. So, I guess I'll be waiting a while for that to happen :) Thanks for commenting, Rissi! I always enjoy "hearing" your insight.

  2. I like Blogger so much more. I do like how Wordpress blogs look very nice, but I've seen Blogger blogs that look just a good, I guess you just have to get to know the HTML really well. I made a Wordpress account but never did anything further, mostly because of the dashboard. Like you said, it's cold and uninviting, and I found it rather confusing and annoying when compared the Blogger dashboard.

    Question: You know how to set up drop-down menus for Blogger??! Please, do tell! I've wanted to do that, but like you said, it's rather complicated, and the explanations I found via Google search were rather unhelpful.

    1. Ditto! :)

      I myself actually don't know how to do drop-down menus for Blogger. . . . *sheepish expression* But this link might help! HOW TO ADD NEAT CSS3 DROPDOWN MENU IN BLOGGER <--- That is a link :)

    2. Thanks! I'll take a look at that :)

    3. You're welcome! I hope it's helpful for you :)


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