Independence Day

My Fourth of July weekend was busy, but fun. On Independence Day, as is my family's tradition, we gathered at our neighbors' house and ate hamburgers, hot dogs, and a plethora of salads; our dessert consisted of ice cream sundae sandwich cake and mini cheesecakes. Then we set off fireworks, one of which kind of exploded in everyone's faces. (I wasn't present for that one, unfortunately.)
Then on Saturday we attended the annual Community Days parade in my hometown. Lots of candy, lots of fire trucks, lots of booths on the courthouse lawn. It was nice--but hot. It's been in the nineties for the past five days, I believe.

I vowed that for the barbeque I would wear nothing but red, white, and blue. I succeeded! (Yay :)) What did you all wear for the Fourth?
earrings gift ($0)
necklace inherited ($0)
blouse gift, by jockey ($0)
nail polish walgreens, by wet 'n' wild wild shine, in clear nail protector ($.99)
jeans jcpenney, by st john's bay ($15)
flats kmart, by bongo ($20)

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  1. I wore my bright red shirt, a black skirt with super fun white embroidery designs on the bottom half, a black half-shrug, and my black heels. So I sort of looked festive. :) We were sitting in a conference the entire day, and then spent the evening with my grandparents, and shot off a bunch of fireworks.

    This outfit is wonderful!! As I have stated before, I LOVE THAT SHIRT!! :) Wonderful styling, dearie, you look super festive and stylish!

    1. Thank you! :) Your outfit sounds lovely. I wish we all had Smartphones because I'd love to see your outfits (you know, the kind you take in a mirror) and Hallie's. SO fun.

  2. I really like how that turquoise from your necklace looks against the red! This was a perfect outfit for 4th of July! Thanks for linking up with Confident Twosdays today, too!

    1. Aww, thanks! :) I love that necklace. And you're welcome!


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