July 2014 Haul - Ross, Target, & Goodwill

Ross: At Ross my mom decided she wanted to buy me socks. And they were bright happy socks. Which made me very happy. I've never owned happy socks before this that I could happily mismatch like the trend does all the time. Six pair of bright happy socks! Don't you love them?
Target: I got a 17-piece set of hair bands, which I needed badly considering we have only two or three black hair bands sitting around the house. (Who knows where the others go.) I'm to split these with Amy, who has almost my same shade of hair, as Grandma will tell you. These were $2.50, discounting the lovely sales tax in Washington. They're by Remington, as you can see.

Goodwill: Since I seriously needed another pair of good jeans, I tried on six different pairs in Goodwill and settled on these. I believe they're by Merona, and they were $5.99, not counting tax.

Mom also found this knee-length jean skirt and wanted me to try it on, and I found that it flattered me well, so I got it. I believe the brand is Tommy Hilfiger, and this was also $5.99.
What have you added to your closet lately?


  1. Those socks are so fun! I pretty much only wear socks when I work out, but I love getting brightly colored ones!

    1. I know! I love them :) Thanks for commenting!

  2. fun socks!!!! I really hate wearing socks and shoes, but I think if you're going to bother you might as well have a little fun and be crazy with it. :)

    You should do a fashion post with that denim skirt. :)

    1. Haha, I actually love wearing socks nowadays for some reason :) It's nice to have my feetsies warm.

      I will, someday, hopefully!


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