Most of my at-home family is feeling a little ill today, me included. Over the weekend my younger sister was exhausted, and my mom never felt very well. Today I'm battling an upset stomach, though I feel fine otherwise.
I just hope it passes soon, since tomorrow I'm scheduled for a discipleship meeting and was planning on shopping for camping supplies in The Dalles as well.
Yesterday or the day before as I was laying out this outfit, I realized I hadn't worn this pinstriped skirt in ages--maybe not since last November. [UPDATE: I actually did wear it some time in late March/early April.] Before my collection of skirts accumulated rapidly (especially in the last six months), this was one of my staple pieces. A-line, neutral, and classy--what more could I have asked? Oh, and it was only seventy-five cents!
giraffe earrings gift ($0)
scarf gift ($0)
green graphic tee jcpenney, by made for life ($6?)
bracelet gift, by mudlove ($0)
nail polish gift, by wet 'n' wild megalast, in sugar coat ($0)
black pinstriped skirt thrifted, by liz claiborne ($.75)
heels gift, by comfort plus ($0)
wardrobe essentials in this look black heels

What did you wear today?