A Little More Original

There is something about fashion blogs. All over.
And it says, "You can never wear the same outfit twice."

How ludicrous.
I don't have the humongousest wardrobe ever. But I wear what I have. All of it. Some pieces might get pictured here more than others because it is on those days that I feel like photographing myself (or make myself do it...).

But on every fashion blog I've followed, they take care not to repeat the same outfit. If I wasn't discussing this topic in depth today, I'd have titled this post "Repeat Offender." And maybe I'll title another post that someday. But all this "originality" bothers me because it is not practical. A lot of girls, myself included, don't create their budget in such a way that allows them to buy clothes left and right. And, honestly, do all those fashion bloggers either? 

I enjoy it when bloggers post outfits featuring the same pieces--because it shows that they are more like me (hence they are more relatable). Besides, if I want to try to be "real" on this blog (in some aspects I'm still not and may never be because of my own self-consciousness), I could at least showcase my closet for what it is. And my closet isn't tiny, either. It's adequate. And isn't there something to be said for remixing? Knowing how to make the most of what you have?

Anyway. For some reason I felt like talking about that today. Been on my mind, I guess. . . .

earrings gift ($0)
red blouse gift, by jockey ($0)
maxi skirt fred meyer, by great northwest: indigo ($11.98)
nude heels gift, by comfort plus ($0)
wardrobe essentials in this look (no, I am not as focused on these as I once was...but my outfit posts might as well be helpful, and I like helping people with wardrobe essentials...which was a random thing to say I guess) neutral maxi skirt, nude heels


  1. i have to agree, seeing fashion bloggers wear and blog "repeat," or even "comfort" outfits is nice, and it helps keep them real. Obviously you wouldn't want to post the same outfits over and over, but occasionally it's great.
    You look rather classy here, ( and you're posing in a different place than normal! :)

    Also. "You are a mouse..." made my day. :)

    1. Yeah, over and over isn't great, but enough so that readers know your wardrobe (or pocket!) isn't endless. . . . :)

      Haha, thanks! This is actually taken with Hallie's Smartphone. My 55-200mm lens is too slow, even with the flash, to take fashion pictures inside, but the Smartphone is actually amazingly good.

      Ha, yes :) "I was hoping for something a little more original. . . ."

  2. lovely :)



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