It's Time to Dress for Fall

Lolz. This title is incredibly apt. I bet you would never have guessed it comes from the song that's currently stuck in my head.
Ashleigh.Michelle posted a photo similar to this in her latest outfit post. I loved the effect.
Today I spent much of the day doing absolutely nothing. Ha. . . . I was house-sitting, and had no responsibilities to look after except the Boxers and the bunnies. (Their three bunnies are absolutely adorable and I think Phred is beginning to like me.) I did get to watch most of two episodes of the BBC Robin Hood, which, if you didn't already know, stars Richard Armitage as Sir Guy of Gisborne. He makes the whole show. Seriously. You should watch it just for him. (The rest is obviously low-budget, and I like Robin Hood a whole lot less than Sir Guy. Which should not be the case, my friends.) 

I researched a bit last night on creating summery outfits, because for yesterday's post I felt the whole ensemble just didn't look very nice. I realized that maybe I place too much emphasis on accessories. So today I kept them simple, with a pair of statement earrings and my wonderful black baguette (which I purchased from Bass in March for 60% off--it was originally $70!). 
earrings gift ($0)
maroon shirt jcpenney, by decree ($15?)
nails gift, by wet 'n' wild megalast, in sugar coat ($0)
baguette bass, by gh bass & co ($28)
jeans jcpenney, by st john's bay ($15)
shoes kmart, by bongo ($20)
wardrobe essentials in this look neutral big bag, dark wash jeans


  1. Love that it's nearing fall "fashion" time. That's got to be the best fashion style there is. :)

    1. Yes, I know--I love dressing for fall and winter! Thanks for commenting, Rissi.


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