The Lake, A Whale, and Peaches

Auntie Terese and Sammy opted for the perfect way to relax at the Lake--floating around in the delicious water on floaties.

I watched this skier dude for a bit and tried to take sequential photographs of him. I don't think he ever ended up jumping the wave, which is really cool to watch if you haven't ever.
 This little chipmunk sat there and alternately chirped and was silent for about fifteen minutes. He's so chubby.
Kodah, one of the neighbors' dogs, came over Friday morning (August 1st) to play with the Corgis, Ranger and Roger. He likes to run.
Ranger, on the other hand, likes to waddle around.
Kodah, Roger, and Ranger play tag. Roger finally found someone he couldn't outrun.
Sunset on the Lake. Hallie, Sam, Tim, Ben, and I all loved watching the variety of people around the Lake--and listening to their music, of course ;)
Annually, Ben blows up firecrackers in the Lake. I finally captured one when it blew up.
Ben lighting his firecrackers. That lighter was a pain in the rear this Lake trip.
The opposite side of the Lake.
In this shot I tried to focus on the water and not the houses, but it didn't end up turning out the way I'd hoped.
These clouds reminded me of the ones in Toy Story.
Even though the quality of the photo is really bad, I wanted to show what our Lakehouse looks like. It's really old and smelled horrid the day we arrived (July 26th) but we all love it nonetheless.
I was extraordinarily proud of this photo till I found out it wasn't focused. Sigh. Oh well. Ben and I were being contemplative about our final day at the Lake.
 Lake water--awesomest ever.
 More Lake water.
More clouds. These were so pretty.
The first official day of the road trip I took with Becca, Mariah, and Karissa. This was only an hour or so after we got rearended in the middle of Lincoln City. What a great memory . . . but these puppies were just so cute and I had to take pictures :) They're English Creme Retrievers--a white version of a Golden Retriever--and are far beyond my budget, but I wanted to take one home, they were so cute.
I think this one was my favorite. Shortly after I decided that . . .
. . . this lady and her husband decided that they'd buy that one. Oh well. I couldn't have had it anyway :)
Thursday morning in Depoe Bay.
The wild Pacific.
Rocks, ocean, foam. . . .
A seagull and a seal sunbathing on a rock inside the Cove.
I really liked this shot of the waves.
Another seagull. They were all over the rocks, screaming "Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine!" constantly. Really annoying.
Seagull flying over the wave.
Here he is! My whale. I was so excited that I got to see one, because I'd wanted to on this road trip but heard that they're typically up north at this time. I'd just hoped maybe some had come down early for the winter :)
Waves. . . .
Waves again. . . .
Karissa helped me straighten my hair on Friday night for our "fancy" dinner. We went to a Thai restaurant; originally we'd been hoping to go to an Italian place, but they were full to the brim, and the Thai place wasn't. If you look closely, you'll see my cateyes in both of these pictures. Becca bought gel liner for the effect.
The blurriness of the photos was caused by my rather slow lens. Unless for some odd reason the exposure was wrong in this picture, which I don't think it was. Random information: I tripped and fell on my high heel walking down the sidewalk to the Thai restaurant in Coos Bay. I fell very softly, though. It was nice.
The moon on Friday night (August 8). This reminds me of Pirates of the Caribbean.
Becca twirls--and makes me want a twirly skirt :)
I foraged for apples earlier today for Mom's applesauce and apple pie filling. I threw the bad ones in the horse pasture, and managed to get some into the water trough.
I think they're yellow transparent apples. They make great pies.
Anyway, Splash decided she'd dunk for apples. It was really really funny but rather cruel at the same time because she could not grab one.
The enormo sunflower adorning our vegetable garden. I don't think it was that big when I left for the beach.
Peaches. . . .
And another peach.
Splash continues to dunk for apples without success.

A sample of the huge harvest of apples this year.


  1. Your exposure was probably right but the room was too dark. Very annoying with that lens. I like the makeup though. And that water-in-focus-but-not-the-houses picture is my fave. :)

    1. Yeah. Thank you :) I liked my makeup. It was good. I'm glad you liked that picture :)

  2. Such great pictures, Hanz!


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