2014 Fall Fashion Picks

Since it's after Labor Day, apparently I can't wear white anymore. And apparently it's time to start dressing in sweaters and coats. Not for me, I'm afraid . . . I ditched the no-white-after-Labor-Day a while ago. And it's still plenty warm enough in Washington to skip sweaters and cardigans--for now. But since I love fall and winter fashion, probably more than any other fashions of the year, I compiled a few pictures off Pinterest to aid me and my fellow fashionistas' inspiration for the cold months.
The only element of this I'd skip is the fur vest. It's just not my style; I do like the plaid button-down with the oversized bag and the boots, however.
Taylor Swift fall style
By Style Bistro // Taylor Swift's Berry Denim
I love Taylor Swift's style, and this entire ensemble is just perfect. Especially those little hand-warmers. :)
Cute fall outfits with burgundy sweater fashion. . . click on pic to see more by susieQ:)
From Pinterest
That sweater's length looks amazing. I looove long sweaters--and long, loose sweaters are even better! Plus, those boots are pretty cool :)
By Uoionline.com
I've never had such a loudly-printed cardigan before, but I really like this one, especially the hi-lo detailing. And the studs on the boots. . . .
Camel and Mint for Fall
By Community | StyleCaster // simple tones
I've never been able to pull off skinny jeans, but if I could, I'd like to do something like this. Neutral sweater + colored skinny jeans + nude heels . . . awesome :) And a perfect transition from summer to fall, since it's not too warm, but definitely not cool enough for summertime.
Bramblewood Fashion | Modest Fashion & Beauty Blog: What I Wore | Styling A Graphic Tee + Kosher Casual Review & Giveaway
By Bramblewood Fashion // What I Wore // Styling a Graphic Tee + Kosher Casual Review & Giveaway
Having recently acquired a pair of booties, I was super happy when Ashley posted this outfit. I've never owned a pair of booties before, and love any extra help from anyone (including you guys!) on how to style them.
By Bramblewood Fashion // What I Wore // Neutral Layers + A Pop of Red
I love Ashley's style so much! (Hence I am posting two photos of her. . . . :)) This sweater looks so comfy and those boots! Agh, I want some. . . .
By Efashion // Men's Casual Fall Fashion Style: 50 Looks to Try
Just thought I'd insert this because it's a pretty nice picture. I'm not much into men's fashion, but I love that overcoat!

I could probably share loads and loads of these pinspirations, but I'm going to leave it at that for now. I can't wait to share my own autumn style with you all!


  1. Every day I dress for fall because I love my boots and sweaters so much... and every day I end up boiling hot because I guess it's still summertime. :(

    1. I wish I had a pair of boots like yours! Oh well. I don't think they had any my size at Ross. . . . Even if they did the calf might not have been wide enough for me. But soon I get to start wearing my booties, which makes me exceptionally happy :) Have you been wearing your new skinny jeans a lot?

  2. Taylor looks really cute - and I agree, those hand warmers are cute.

    Ooo! Yay for oversized sweaters (Pintrest photo), how cute does that look?? :)

    1. Taylor's style is spot-on. I almost invariably love what she's wearing :)

      Yes, I know! Unfortunately I couldn't access the link where that came from, so I just said it came off Pinterest. But I love the outfit. It's simple, yet very classy.

      Thank you for stopping by, Rissi--I appreciate it!

  3. I love boots! I need to invest in oversized sweaters! ;)

    1. Oh, I know! I can like . . . drool over them :) And oversized sweaters are the. best. I have one and I love it--although it's a bit hard to reconcile with anything but pants, as it's a bit bulky :)


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