A Day In the Life

Today I had a biology class, and since it's my birthday I figured I might as well sort of document the day. Lolz. I'm weird.
Heah is Building 3 of the campus--the Health and Sciences building. Up on the third floor is where I take Biology 101. Btw, the fourth car from the front of the frame is a near exact replica of the car I drive--at least it looks like it from here. A little gray Honda Accord. I love them.
The lower portion of the campus, Buildings 1 (on the right) and 2 (on the left). I believe Building 2 is primarily offices. Building 1 is where I took my Math 93, Math 95, and final for Math 111.
Close-up image of Building 1. I really don't know exactly why I am sharing all these images. . . . The college campus is one of my favorite places in the world though. Oddly enough.
A taste of the view from coming out of the college.
The Columbia. . . .
<<< Columbia Gorge Community College is that way.
Driving down this road on my way downtown . . . its name escapes me at the moment.
Stopped at Safeway to pick up cat food and a loaf of Dave's Killer Bread.
Final stop after Dollar Tree--Dutch Bros for my free chai latte!

I really am not entirely certain why I shared all of this, since it's pretty mundane. Oh well. Sometimes the most mundane things in life are the coolest :)

Would you like to see more "Day in the Life" posts, where I randomly document the places I go and all the stuff I'm doing?