How I Pick Out What I Wear

Disclaimer: I do have obsessive compulsive disorder if you were wondering.
I know how difficult it is for a lot of people to choose what they're going to wear on any particular day. It used to be extremely difficult for me to choose what to wear. I was in that stage of life where I disliked every piece of clothing on me and hated fashion altogether. (In fact, you might be interested to know that I didn't start getting seriously interested in fashion until early 2012.) But a few years had gone and come around and I'd started organizing my closet better . . . and wearing everything that was in it . . . even though lots of times I really detested my clothes.

I still follow that same method of organization. I'm still trying to iron out its kinks, but the big picture hasn't changed in a while now. Mostly I'm just learning how to accessorize better--simply, but prettily. 

Do you want to learn how I can get ready to go somewhere in 5 minutes or less?

Disclaimer: You'll probably think of this as OCD. It isn't, by the way.

I hang up my nice clothes in the closet and wear them in the order of where they hang. You can laugh now if you want. The last time I aired this post (on my Wordpress blog that was very short-lived), I got a lot of comments saying, "I don't think I could ever do that. . . ." which I'm pretty sure was a nice way of ridiculing my weirdness. 

It honestly isn't hard. And I know that you'll still be dubious about it even after saying that. If you like organization (or if you've tested your Meyers Briggs Personality and turn out to have a J as your ending letter) this should work for you. If you consistently struggle with being more original with outfits or wearing everything in your closet, this method works very well for giving you some new ideas of what to wear with what, as well as illuminating what you don't like and what you do like in your closet. This method has trained me so well that even if I don't follow it and get up with about 2 minutes to spare before I have to head out the door, I know what works and what doesn't, what I'm comfortable in and what I'm not, and thus I can get ready very quickly. It also helps me know when I want to get rid of something, because I'll wear it frequently.

Okay. Off my big soapbox and time to get on a smaller one. This is how I pick out what I wear:
1) My nail polish. I realized a year or so ago that my nail polish was an important accessory and needed to be treated as such--meaning, it needed to complement the whole outfit instead of clashing with it. I am so glad I finally realized this. It makes an outfit look that much more ladylike.

So, you can see my nails above. They're in Wet 'n' Wild Megalast's color "Sugar Coat," which was a birthday gift. By the way: I do keep my personal nail polishes in order and wear them in the order of which they're sitting. It's easier for me that way.
2) My earrings. Well, technically this is the next step. I often choose the rest of my outfit before my earrings though--lately anyway. Most earrings are neutral, so this could be your last step if you prefer. I don't put my earrings in a line and wear them that way (just for your ease of mind ;)). I put them in a box and usually just wear the first pair I pull out
3) My top. Yay! Onto the fun part. In my closet, all my shirts and dresses are in the back, behind all of my bottoms.
After the purple shirt I was wearing today is this top I hauled from Ross a week and a half or so ago when I visited Hallie in Olympia. I find that the nails and earrings go well with it.
4) My bottoms. This can be a little tricky, especially since many of the bottoms I own aren't neutral. Since the combo up above won't work, I move on to the next skirt hanging up, which has a floral print.
Soooo . . . this one isn't working out either. Let's move on to the next item hanging up, which is a black faux-leather skirt. (This still has the tags on it. I bought it in June and have not had the chance to wear it yet.)
Ah! Better. Much better. So we're on to shoes now.
 5) Shoes. Technically I should have had a couple more photographs of shoes in here--one of a pair of black "flatwalkers" (think like Converse) that would have been too casual for this outfit, another of a pair of flip flops which also would have been too casual. But anyway . . . after those came these red heels. For some reason I just didn't like the idea of the red heels with the top, which is actually more navy blue than black, I believe, so I moved on:
And my black heels go perfectly with the rest of this outfit. It might seem too colorless for you, but then if you used this method you'd also adapt it to your style and taste. I'm a very businesslike fashionista, and mixing a lot of different colors isn't my "thing."
6) Accessories. Hat, scarf, belt, jewelry. Well, this blouse is a pretty big statement in itself, and right now I'm not in the mood to clash statements with a scarf. I don't have any nice belts with which to accessorize, and all the hats I have are too casual for this top. Instead, a simple long necklace does the trick nicely.

Aaaand we're done! That was easy, huh? You are perfectly welcome now to accuse me as OCD, weird, and weirder. All of those accusations would be true :)


  1. this is way easier than I originally thought... although it still won't work for me right now because of how our closets are set up in this house. I have all my clothes in Mom's closet at the moment, and people are constantly getting into the closet, and putting clothes away for everybody, so things would get messed up constantly and it would just turn into a TON of work. I think it would be super cool to try when I have my own closet again, though.
    You should post photos of you wearing the outfit you put together. :)

    (p.s. i'm going to accuse you of being very weird... i happen to know for a fact, however, that it's a good kind of weird, and *cough-cough* i may or may not be extremely weird myself. :) so i wouldn't worry about it too much. you definitely don't have OCD, though. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

    ALSO... LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU BUNCHES DEARIE!!!! i seriously need to come home to visit sometime SOON!!

    1. Oh, yes, that is annoying :P Hopefully you get your own closet soon! Perhaps I might end up wearing this outfit combination in a future post, but right now I have two outfits backed up, so it will be saved for another time :)

      Haha, you and I both know that you and I both are extremely weird! But that's what makes us normal, I suppose. Although I wonder if anyone could be as weird as I am . . . but maybe that just makes me one of the more normal peoples in the world :)

      Yes, you must! :)

  2. This doesn't seem THAT bad. But I still don't think I'd ever do it because I'm so weird about what I wear to certain places. I always have to think through every variable: will I be sitting down or standing up? inside or outside? moving a lot or being stationary? is there a game I need to be ready for (or have an excuse to avoid)? yaknowwhatimean? But the system itself seems workable for someone less ridiculous than me.

    1. Haha. you're hilarious. Your brain must just have to have something to work on because choosing an outfit is too boring for it ;) It makes sense though, and makes your outfits much more reasonable than mine, I am sure.

  3. I love this palet color on you! red and jeans is great composition , I love it on me too ;)
    you have a lot of clothes! :D nice red heels <3

    keep in touch sweetie
    have a great day!


    1. Thank you, Ines! I love red and I can envision that you'd look great in it with your coloring :)

      Oh, I closet has recently started to overflow :P Yikes.

      Thank you for commenting and for following me! I appreciate that. I'll keep in touch :)


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