How to Link in Blogger Comments

A year or so ago, when I was pretty new to the world of blogging, a girl left a comment on my book blog and also left a link to somewhere in her comment. I was like, "How did she do that?? Linking in Blogger comments is impossible!!!" So I asked her. She sent me to a post with directions for linking in Blogger comments. And I tried it and . . . it didn't work.
Over the next few months I researched it again maybe a couple times, and it never worked for me then either. Then, early this year (I'm guessing January or February), I finally figured out the mistake I was making. The problem was not the directions I'd been given--the problem was the way I was using them!

If you search "How to leave a link in a Blogger comment" on Google, the directions that any given post will give you will be these:

Type <a href="">your text here</a>.

When I read those directions, I was certain that there could not be a space between "a" and "href." The problem was that when I tried to write my link as "<ahref="http://....," then Blogger would tell me the HTML was unacceptable.

This is the way I type my HTML when linking to this blog in a comment: 
<a href="">dance a real</a>. The key is to remember to include that space just after the first "a."

Also, as another piece of advice: If you don't include the "http://" in your link, the link won't work. It'll head to a page on the blog you've just commented on saying, "Sorry, the page you're looking for doesn't exist," or something like that. 

Any questions or clarifications needed? I'll be happy to answer them down below!


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