It Just Popped Up

Popup windows. That is the subject for today.

I'm really great at intros, aren't I?

I don't mean ad popup windows, which are, of course, irritating (and can be cured by something like AdBlock Plus, in case you needed that information); I mean when bloggers delete the comment form on their post page and instead add a link that says "Post a Comment," which creates a popup window in which readers can comment. And I have no idea why anyone would do it. It makes commenting complicated, so it discourages the reader from commenting altogether. Maybe the blogger got bored and decided that changing that little something on their blog would alleviate their boredom? No idea.
To cure this problem, follow the steps below in the handy screenshots I've given you. (I love screenshots. They are SO COOL.)
And there you go! You're done, and you've gotten rid of that annoying popup window.
I have a very horrible cough. Random information. But at least it's not a sore throat. I cannot stand sore throats.
earrings gift ($0)
nail polish borrowed from Amy ($0)
graphic pink tee jcpenney, by made for life ($7?)
paisley ruffly skirt thrifted, by believe in yourself and you can do anything ($6?)
black heels gift, by comfort plus ($0)
wardrobe essentials in this look black heels

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  1. i love this outfit. because of the heels, super cute black skirt and the ballerina bun, if feels super classy to me. Pretty, pretty, pretty!


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