Mary Margaret Blanchard

If you follow me on Pinterest, you'll know it's no secret that I'm a huge fan of ABC's drama Once Upon A Time. (How excited are you that Season 4 premieres tonight?!) I like all three seasons thus far, but Season One has to be the best regarding style--at least in this lady's case, anyway.
Mary Margaret (Once Upon A Time) has the cutest outfits

It's very vintage, classic, feminine, modest--which is great. (Although I'm certain that the screenwriters made her clothes so modest just to showcase her lack of confidence in herself.) And how cute are those little Mary Jane pumps?? Love it.
 Ginnifer Goodwin gets to wear such cute clothes as Mary Margaret Blanchard on Once Upon a Time

I reaaaaally like that lace top. She's also a cardigan queen. And I love cardigans too :)
 Once upon a time! Perfect modest teacher style.
Her dresses are beautiful. I'd love to have this in my closet. And I like that she's wearing flats with it--it makes it look so much more comfortable and sweet.

What do you think of Once Upon A Time? Do you like Mary Margaret's style?


  1. Even though Mary Margaret drives me INSANE, I do like her style, esp. the first season. I CAN'T WAIT TO WATCH MORE.

    1. I actually really, really like Mary Margaret in Season 1 because she's so sweet. After that she becomes really annoying. ME NEITHER CAN YOU BELIEVE IT PREMIERES TONIGHT?????


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