Have you ever wondered why your images look so pretty on your computer screen, but once you get them onto your blog, they look ruined?
Before acquiring the Nikon D40 with a 55-200mm lens, I used a simple point-and-shoot Canon Powershot A610. To say the least, it didn't take the greatest photos. Still, I had recently started this blog, had increased my photo size to take up 100% of my horizontal posting space, and had noticed that the photo quality was just awful--so much so that I was embarrassed to have those photos on a blog.
I found out through browsing online that Google+ automatically readjusts your photographs for you.

What? And they still turn out that bad??

This wasn't posed. I actually did almost fall down. Something about these heels. . . . :P
If you want to fix this problem, follow the steps in the screenshots below.
Here's where we get to a slightly more complicated part. If you've been blogging for a while and wondered numerous times why your photos always look worse once they're on the blog--well, now you've fixed it. For future photos. In order to get your past photos looking good, you have to revert the enhancement.
I click on a photo (the first on the top left) to begin.
Now for my photos I clicked "More," then "Auto Enhance," then "Off." (Actually I didn't click off because it was already off.) It may not be exactly the same for you since you haven't yet turned the auto-enhancement off all your photos--so far you've only turned it off for your future photos. But if this isn't the way to turn off auto-enhancement on a particular photo for you, just try to find the auto-enhance button elsewhere. And make sure you turn it off!

earrings gift ($0)
necklace me-made ($0)
baguette bass, by g.h. bass & co. ($28)
lavender tee hand-me-down, by indigo ($0)
nail polish gift, by wet 'n' wild megalast, in "sugar coat" ($0)
jeans jcpenney, by st. john's bay ($15)
heels thrifted, by nine west ($8)

Note: I am turning 18 tomorrow. I'm attending biology in The Dalles and then going to Dutch Bros to get my free drink. I'm a little excited, and a little sad, et cetera. To say the least I'm a strange human being, and extremely nostalgic. For dinner I think I'm having cream cheese chicken soup and copycat Olive Garden breadsticks. Yum :)

My prayer is schizophrenic.


  1. Happy Birthday! 18 was a fun age, I hope it's the same for you! <3

    1. Thank you! Me too :) I'm enjoying the day thus far.


    Hahaha, i love that picture... keeps making me chuckle. (I'm glad you didn't fall though. :)

    I changed the auto enhancement last night, and am hoping it works!!! It always makes me VERY upset when blogger would change the quality of a perfectly good photograph.

    That color is good on you. I like this outfit. :)

    1. Aww, thanks :) I know, that picture is funny. It also has the aura of being posed, but it wasn't really--I mean, I probably contorted my face to make it sliiiightly more photogenic, but other than that. . . . :)

      Oh, good! I can't believe they call it "enhancing" when it's actually "ruining."

  3. Happy Birthday, Hanz! Enjoy the drink at Dutch Bros. Will it be coffee? The rain seems appropriate for the first day of a new school year...
    Love you,

    1. Aw, thanks :) I got a chai latte. The rain is very nice. But then you would call me a Gollum :) I guess I am slightly.

      Love you too! Thanks for stopping by.

  4. I can't believe I never knew this! Google is so sneaky. I knew that it adjusted my photos on Google+ but I had no idea it did so with pictures on my blog.

    Also, that last picture of you, the one of you tripping, is the cutest thing ever. I've decided that blue is a color that makes you shine, though you look beautiful in any color! :)

    And've inspired me to start a "fashion" series on my blog. I might be coming to you for tips in the near future! Hopefully I'll have my first fashion post up next week. It might be a couple of weeks, we'll see...

    Thank you for being awesome!

    Much love,

    a vapor in the wind

    1. ISN'T IT SO ANNOYING. Oh my goodness.

      Haha thank you :) It looks SO posed -- I was rereading the caption earlier today and was re-amazed that it wasn't actually! And you are very sweet . . . I love lavenders, cobalts, and reds -- they're such happy colors!

      Aww, wow! That's so cool! I can't wait to see your posts :) I'm sure you'll do excellently and won't be in need of my advice, haha.

      Thank YOU for being a faithful commenter, Dani!


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