The Easiest Way to Rid Your Blog of Spammers

Several months ago, my book blog started generating hundreds of spam comments. My e-mail would give me about twenty a day. At least. But I got rid of them. Want to know how?
Note: This method is best used by blogs that haven't yet built up a large following.
I did it by changing my blog's URL.

I know that you're probably thinking, "But won't I lose all my readers? They won't know where to go!" I'll address that problem at the end of the post.
I love screenshots. :)
And you're done--with the changing-the-URL part, anyway. By the way, if you follow my book blog and you haven't yet noticed that the URL is different, the OLD URL was The new URL is

Now on to solving the problem of losing your readership.
I forgot to circle it, but the orange button is "Create Blog" and you'll want to hit that once you add the title and address.

Once you have your new blog, you should be able to find the button to create a new post. Once you have, title the new post something like "Get the new address for walking in the air." For example. . . .
And there you go! You're done. Hopefully that made sense, and hopefully you can use it in the future :)