Day in the Life // 2

Skinny Peanut Butter Banana Milkshakes |
Made this for breakfast. I healthy-ize it by not using whipped cream and chocolate syrup and replacing coconut sugar (which is a pretty healthy sugar substitute anyway) with raw honey. It also makes four servings, so I 1/4 the recipe for just me. It was very thick and delicious :)

This won't be my usual format of "Day in the Life" posts, but all these photographs were taken today. This is Mt. Adams in the sunset. My 55-200mm lens doesn't catch fading light very well and I tried to take all these photos with a flash.
 Clouds. I love clouds in the sunset.
 More clouds, and the edge of the pasture where the horses are kept.
 Mt. Adams again.
 The clouds and the horizon. Don't you love the color contrast?
I took these while doing odd things with my camera. I pressed the shutter down, and since the shutter speed was so slow I had time to move the camera around in odd patterns (sometimes spinning it in a circle) before the shutter clicked down all the way. See the following as well.
 The horses, Splash and Drem, in their pasture as the sun fades.
This picture turned out very oddly indeed. My dad had a fire going across the driveway, and what looks like a spark in this photo is where the actual fire should have been.
I made all these weird effects by pressing the shutter down while focused on the fire, then moving the camera in circles, up and down, and other ways before the picture was finally taken.
Two hours of homework tonight while listening to Yiruma to calm myself down and help me focus. That's my music appreciation book with my organization/notes notebook beside it.

Have a happy Sunday, peeps. Toodles--


  1. Thanks for taking us along! Love the pictures!
    xo ClassToCloset

    1. Oh, I'm glad you could "come" :) Thank you!

  2. that smoothie looks delicious, despite the fact that it is probably filled to the brim with peanut butter. :)

    AND THAT SUNSET. I like it. :) fun pictures. :)

    1. The smoothie is wonderful--an excellent milkshake replacement for a 1000-calorie milkshake, as the blog post aptly describes :) My only complaint is that the resulting shake is very small, and didn't fill me up well at all--so it's not the greatest choice for breakfast, if you needed to know. It only has 2T of peanut butter if you 1/4 the recipe--original is 1/2 a cup.

      The sunset was beautiful that night. :)


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