Wednesday, October 29, 2014

My Top 5 Favorite YouTube Hairstyling Channels

I love playing around with my hair and with other people's. And I'm a firm believer that one's hairstyle is just as essential an accessory as a scarf or statement necklace can be. For that reason, I experiment with new hairstyles often, and I follow a few hairstyling “gurus” on YouTube. Soooo here are my favorites.

5. Bebexo
When I started browsing around YouTube for hair tutorials, Bebexo was one of the first channels I stumbled upon. This girl is beautiful, with gorgeous long Asian hair (dyed to a chocolate brown) and enormous talent for styling it. Her channel has a lot of “interesting” styles that I wouldn't necessarily wear, but she's also really good at creating everyday and celebrity-inspired styles (the video above is a remake of a Selena Gomez hairstyle). 

Cinthia Truong's channel features tons and tons of gorgeous updos that are great for weddings, prom, dances--any special occasion, basically. And they're not that hard either!

What I love about Kate's channel is that she has shoulder-length hair--and she's so creative with it! In April of 2013 I cut my hair to be just a teeny bit below my shoulders, and I wish I had taken advantage of this channel then when I could hardly do anything with my hair but leaving it down and putting it up in a ponytail. Her styles aren't harsh and unflattering--they're very soft and feminine. 

2. Cute Girls Hairstyles

Again, this is a channel that creates more “weird” styles than “normal”--at least to me, lolz. . . . But there are certain hairstyles like the one above that I think are so pretty.

This channel is my all-time favorite. These are hairstyles that I could wear every day and that I think are pretty--and most of them don't take that long either. To be fair, several of the styles I've tried--particularly the side braids--don't “work,” but I still love this channel. 

For more cool hairstyles and hair inspirations, check out my Pinterest board.

For a bunch of hairstyles I've tried, and my own original comments about them, check out my “i tried ... hairstyles” Pinterest board.

What new hairstyles have you been trying lately?        

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