I have never watched Dancing With the Stars before, and I am now, and I actually am liking it. Is that weird? Dancing is just so beautiful--like ice skating (when both of them are done right). What do you all think about the show (even if you haven't watched it)?

I was so nervous for my biology exam this afternoon, but it turned out to be easier--and shorter--than I'd anticipated. I dealt with a few genetic problems, which are my favorites. :) 

So I go to DQ tonight. I order a chocolate malt. The person at the other end of the drive-thru thingy tells me that they don't have chocolate. So then I order strawberry. Same deal--and he says that the only flavor they have is VANILLA? And then at the window he proceeds to hand me this enormous vanilla cone, and I finally understand that he never heard my order of “malt.” Oh well. At least the cone is good.

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JACKET...Hand-me-down, by Jane Ashley
CAMI...Forever 21 ($1.90)
SKIRT...Thrifted, by Believe In Yourself And You Can Do Anything ($6.00?)
HEELS...Gift, by Comfort Plus


  1. DWTS does pretty much rock. The drama can wear thin, but as you say, dancing is so beautiful to watch. Mainly I just like rooting on the controversial, Christian contestants and this year, that's Sadie. :) Welcome to the fandom, Hannah.

    1. Interesting. I don't know if I saw Sadie perform last night (I didn't watch it for too long), but it is a little bit disturbing that they wear such immodest clothes--and act so immodestly throughout the dancing. Anyway. . . . Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I love to hear from you, Rissi :)


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