So You Want to Play With Magic

This is me after studying for a biology quiz. I need bobby pins for the above hairstyle, so I start to ask Amy where they are, and just catch myself from saying, “Do you know where the blood cells are?”
Alternatively I might have this post called “Shake It Off.” The music video for Taylor Swift's single was a total turnoff to the song, but I really like it now. At least that's what people sayayay...ooh ooh. 
WHITE JACKET...Hand-me-down, by Chadwicks
GREEN BLOUSE...Hand-me-down, by Hayley Matthews
PINSTRIPED SKIRT...Thrifted, by Liz Claiborne ($.75)
HEELS...Gift, by Comfort Plus

I just raced myself to get up and down the stairs to check the brand of one of my pieces of clothing in 30 seconds. I need mental help.


  1. 'Shake it Off' does have a way of wearing us down, doesn't it!? That leaves us with little choice BUT to love it. ;)

    1. Definitely. :) It's such fun to hear it come on the radio. There are so few clean pop songs that I love it when songs like that, Adele, One Republic, etc come on instead of the multiple other artists who put a lot of unclean lyrics in their works.


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