What You're Thinkin' Of

Do you know what I love about this outfit?

I look insanely like a Hobbit in this picture.
It qualifies as both casual and classic. The slacks pull it together, but the shoes make it look more comfortable. I believe that is what they call a win-win.

I just realized that I was not supposed to take outfit pictures today (Thursday the 30th), because my “October Favorites” post is supposed to go up tomorrow (Friday the 31st--and yes you are seeing this on Friday ;)). THAT is not what I call a win-win. OH. WELL.

BLACK CARDIGAN...Hand-me-down, by American Dream
PINK GRAPHIC T...JCPenney, by Made for Life ($7.00?)
GRAY SLACKS...Thrifted, by Dockers ($6.00?)
TENNIFLATS...Kmart, by Bongo ($10.00)

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