Blessings // 1

Hello, my friends. This is going to be the start of a new series here on the blog entitled “Blessings,” as you'll see above :) I'd love to do this once a week, but I can't promise that because of my weird posting schedule which is never ever the same. I also plan on setting a goal of how many blessings I can reach before this series comes to an end--do you have an idea of where would be a good place to stop? Aaaannyway . . . let us begin.
1//White chocolate mochas
2//Hearing “It's Good to Be Alive” on KLOVE
3//Getting an exceptional grade on my biology exam
4//Helping Dad set up for the dodgeball tournament
5//A sister who has the best ideas ever, is such an encouragement to me, and an inspiration to me in every facet of my life
6//A body that fights away a cold within a day
7//New brilliant workouts
8//A friend who encourages me to try my dream of camp counseling
9//Another bestie who makes a point to stay in contact with me and always tells me she misses me
10//Another sister with whom I can be a goofball :)
11//The ability to sing
12//New outfits that I feel good in
13//Starting to accept my body for the way it is
14//New ways to tie scarves
15//Walking around on campus searching for a ginkgo tree
16//The beautiful combination of fog, the Columbia hills, and the windmills coming up the Maryhill Grade
17//My phathorsies who love me
18//My phatcats who also love me
19//Outfits that are totally free
Flexi Clip : Gift, by Lilla Rose
Earrings : Gift
Scarf : Hand-me-down
Sweater : Gift, by Chadwicks of Boston
Skirt : Gift, by Liz Claiborne
Boots : Gift, by JCPenney
Wardrobe essentials in this look : Neutral barrette, neutral earrings, neutral midi skirt, flat black boots
ARE YOU KIDDING ME HERE. When I put this on, I had no idea it cost me not a cent. Wow :)


  1. fun. as you know i love the simple outfits that are easy and don't take a ton of work to put together.

    a totally random question: Is the music on the scarf a particular song or is it just random notes over and over? :)

    1. Me. Too! I find that the best outfits and the most elegant ones are the ones that took the least time to put together.

      The music on the scarf is some sort of attempt on Fur Elise, I think. It's still not too similar, however, so I'm not sure what the designer was going for. Still, it's pretty :)


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