Blog Party // Featuring Lilla Rose!

Ever heard of Lilla Rose? Well if you haven't, you need to! They sell a variety of amazing hair accessories, including flexi clips, hair sticks, hair bands, aaannd decorative bobby pins. I have one Lilla Rose flexi clip, and let me tell you--it is gorgeous and so easy to use! It's also secure and comfortable, and makes accessorizing your wardrobe that much easier!

See? Your updos don't have to be boring anymore. It's so easy to secure them and spice them up with a flexi clip!

Or . . . if flexis aren't your style or you think they'd be irritating, check out the bobby pins for simple but elegant accessories to your beautiful hair.

Like these Tidepool Treasures pins, for only $12? 

Now for the awesomest news of the day. Because you've decided to check out this blog party, Lilla Rose is offering you FREE SHIPPING (the standard kind . . . not rushed or anything ;)) IF you order by NOVEMBER 15TH, on orders of $40 or more. Also, THE FIRST THREE PEOPLE who make an order through the following link receive either a FREE pair of bobby pins or a FREE mini flexi-clip! Just think, you could either have those Tidepool Treasures pins or get a flexi clip for one of the little girls in your life, just by ordering through my link!

If you'd like to order and have the chance to become one of three winners of those awesome prizes, CLICK HERE or type the following into your web browser: Remember though that you ONLY have the chance to win your free gift if you order through that link.

Happy shopping! Keep Lilla Rose in mind when looking for Christmas gifts this year :)