I'm a high-functioning sociopath. Do your research.

Whew ... I would hate to be Sherlock. In real life, I mean.
This getup was SO hot. And this guy runs around and chases people in a suit jacket, overcoat, and scarf. Why on earth. . . .
Moriarty. "That's what people do ". http://pinterest.com/aggiedem/sherlock-addict/ http://pinterest.com/aggiedem/sherbatched-or-cumberlocked/ 
I beg to differ, Moriarty.
Blooper shot + fail attempt at “You forgot to turn your collar up.”
Instead of bemoaning how impossible it would be to be a high-functioning sociopathic consulting detective in reality, I am now going to tell you how to become Sherlock for Halloween.
1) Start with a suit. Sherlock wears a suit daily--or at least a dress shirt and slacks.
2) Wear unfashionable shoes. For girls, I'd suggest lace-up black oxfords (flats, not heels) and for guys ... a similar style, but, obviously, more masculine.
3) Find an overcoat--the longer the better. Sherlock's black tweed overcoat comes down to the knee at least if I remember correctly (I can't find a full-length photo of it on Pinterest). Ideally, your overcoat should match the rest of your suit in color.
4) Scarf. Sherlock's is blue, but I don't have a blue scarf in my collection. To wear it, fold it lengthwise, wrap it around your neck like that, then pull the very end of it through the loop of the opposite end. 
5) The hat. The hat is optional--think Roaring Twenties style if you choose to wear it, and opt for light gray.

HAT...Thrifted ($.50?)
 TRENCH COAT...Ross, by Kenneth Cole: Reaction ($55.00)
BLAZER...Thrifted, by George ($8.00?)
BLACK T...Chadwicks of Boston, by Real Comfort ($17.99)
SLACKS...Thrifted, by Dockers ($6.00)


  1. Nice!! What a cool costume idea :) Anything from the roaring twenties is a good option for Halloween!

    1. Aw thanks :) The Roaring Twenties was a period of some awesome styles--at least regarding millinery! Haha

  2. Love this show so much. And the line you used to title this blog? Too funny. :)

    1. I know, me too! Haha, thanks. That scene is marvelous and Benedict Cumberbatch really does an excellent job playing Sherlock. Though I also love the quote, “Don't talk out loud, Anderson. You lower the IQ of the whole street.” Masterful scripting there.


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