November Goals

I'm loosely basing this on Hallie Jo's model, since I liked her idea of setting goals long after the New Year's Resolution time table has passed. I'm just figuring out my own “goals model,” so bear with me during this first installment.
  • become strong enough to do a burpee ... correctly
This might sound totally cheap, but my legs and arms are not strong enough right now to do a smooth burpee. I invariably have to step instead of jump back into pushup position, then step back up into a stand.
  • buy a reconditioned Vitamix
I'm still mulling over doing this this month, but these machines are such an innovation. Hallie actually has one, and though mine wouldn't be such a new model, I think it would still work well for me. Did you know that you can make ice cream, sorbet, milkshakes, green smoothies, peanut butter, and soup in them (among multiple other recipes, I'm sure)? They're such good investments, particularly because they last for years and years and years.
  • start eating healthier
Definitely always the hardest one for me . . . because I love sugar. I'm always trying to eat healthier, and I think it's possible I may be doing a little bit better in the last few weeks. A very small percentage of the time, at least. . . .
  • post more often
I had an October goal of posting six times per week, and that already hasn't happened this week :) But at the very least I would like to post more regularly, especially because I'm thinking about eventually taking a twelve-week course to become a certified fashion blogger.
  • improve my writing
Though I don't think I'm as talented in this area as some people are, I still need to improve where I can, and I'd like to spend more time editing, proofing, and polishing each blog post.
  • find new cute outfits in my closet
This outfit received a great reception among my readers and followers. I need to find more pretty outfits in my wardrobe -- not necessarily like that one, because originality is also my goal here. To me, one of the biggest hazards in fashion blogging is looking exactly the same in every blog post, even while wearing something different. 
  • start arranging the piece for my music appreciation class final
I keep going back and forth on which song to do. But I have to start this within the next couple of weeks, or I definitely won't have enough time to arrange, practice, and record it for my final.
  • take a music photo shoot
I need to choose the outfit(s) I'll be using, as my youth pastor's wife, Sarah, has gladly offered to do this for me. I want to use my church's baby grand piano, possibly a guitar, and a microphone or two as props. Except I foresee problems with the -- um -- austerity of my church. Was that a tactful way to say that?
  • breaking my habit of procrastination
I am a terrible terrible procrastinator. At times I have been doing better this quarter than, say, I was in the last quarter of my senior year in high school, but I still have a long way to go before I acquire the discipline to completely break that habit.
  • develop a habit of reading my Bible and praying daily
I used to be so disciplined at this, but I really fell out of the habit a couple years ago, which has done nothing but hurt my relationship with Jesus. I also want to listen to more sermons from my favorite pastor and learn more about the Bible and Jesus in general.        

What about you? What are some goals you have for this month?


  1. Best of wishes on your goal, Hannah! :-D
    Eating healthy is not easy for me, too. I love sugar too much. I have managed to cut back somewhat, but it's a struggle saying no, especially to ice cream and chocolate.

    1. Thanks, Grace! Nice to “see” you here :)

      Oh, me too. Chocolate and ice cream ... seriously, can never say no. Particularly to ice cream. That's always been my greatest downfall and, unfortunately, I'm sure it always will be :P

  2. 1. Nothing is cheap about burpees
    2. Why the heck is there "certification" for fashion bloggers?! Can't you just blog about whatever you jolly well please?

    1. 1. Yay, I'm glad :) Well, you can't blame me for saying that when SOME PEOPLE are practicing headstands, handstands, pullups, and cartwheels. I can't do a cartwheel to save my life.

      2. There doesn't have to be, but I would like to become a certified fashion blogger to start making money blogging, getting more followers, etc. I'm sure it would be a highly informative experience. I would also match up that certification with a certificate in image consulting, however, should I decide to take that route--which I am seriously considering at the moment. And I think you can blog about whatever you jolly well please, by the way. I think your blog just has to be mostly about fashion (which mine is obviously) and you're good.

  3. wonderful goals, dearie.

    oh... procrastinating. Yes. Pinterest is a wonderful way to avoid reality isn't it.

    Can't wait to see that music shoot. Sounds magical! :)

    1. Yes, it is. . . . As is everything else on the Internet :P Haha.

      I can't wait to do it! I hope it turns out well--don't know if it will be magical, but something close to that would be awesome :) I'm not sure how to dress for it. Should I do casual or formal? Hmm. I'll have to think about that more.

  4. I love your goals Hannah! Buying a vitamix was one of our best decisions ever-- you'll love it! Can't wait to see how you do with your goals this month; I'm trying to accomplish mine as well :)

    Simplicity Relished

    1. Oh yay! I can't wait to buy mine. I actually got to use one (that's not mine) today. They make smoothies so perfectly creamy!

  5. Great goals, Hannah. Eating healthier is always a must, but girl, you're brave to start this now with the holidays coming up...! ;) Hope you meet all of the goals you have - the best part is always being able to cross them off a list. Happy November.

    1. Haha, thanks :) Well, eating healthier is a daily goal for me, so I'm not really starting anything new with the holidays coming up. I hope I meet them all too! Thanks for commenting, Rissi--always nice to see you around :)


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