Rebekah Rose // Installment 2

I did go into town this morning to help my dad load and unload wrestling pads and a sound system for the school district's annual dodgeball tournament, and I reeeaaally liked my wintry outfit, but didn't take any pictures. I needed to take the horses more water (it's about 25 degrees here with lots of snow) and then snap their blankets on because it'll probably be below zero tonight. Of course, Drem evaded me for ages because she's scared of the blanket, and Splash was just aiding and abetting her in her insubordination. :P

Annnywaaaaaay . . . since I didn't get photos of my outfit this morning, I'm going to show you Rebekah's outfit from early September.

She's so gorgeous. Isn't she?
And her dress! It's formal enough for a cocktail party (is there something else that they're called? I don't drink--well, I can't legally, anyway--so I wonder what those parties are called for other nondrinkers?) but casual enough for church.
The other lovely ladies in this photoshoot are Emily Renee and Rachel Hope.

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    1. Aren't they all beautiful? I love them. Thank you for commenting!

  2. I love their outfits!:-) So cute!

    1. Indeed! Thanks for stopping by, Katie :)


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