Wednesday, December 31, 2014

At the End of This Year || 2014

I tend to become nostalgic when I consider the end of the year, when I sit typing on my computer or lying in bed staring at the clock as the seconds tick closer to midnight on December 31st. Why is it that the passing of years hits us harder than the passing of months, days, hours, seconds?

I feel like 2014 has been both quiet and eventful, that each month didn't hold one exciting aspect that I can easily pinpoint, but rather that a few of the months held unforgettable or life-changing moments. So instead of going through the year month-by-month, I'll give you my 2014 story in the months when something big -- to me, at least -- happened.

December Favorites

I decided against titling this post “faves” because it feels too teenagerish. I can handle teenagerishness for a while, but after so long I start to feel like people are judging me for acting teenagerish. I am a teenager, but I'm also supposed to be an adult. Odd, isn't it, that those two eras should coincide?
Merlin. In very early December, when I was just a week and a half out from my Christmas break, I happened on a link to this show on I've been wanting to watch this for a year or two at least, and was so happy to find all sixty-five episodes on Hulu for free! Admittedly the show can get slightly stupid, but I still love it. You can click here to find my full review of the first season.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Blessings // 2

22// My Certified Reconditioned Vitamix 5200
23// Finding out that green smoothies are actually DELICIOUS
24// Discovering that the BBC show Merlin (which I've wanted to watch FOREVER) is all on Hulu for free

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Finding the Perfect Christmas Dress

{Disclaimer: None of the photos below are my own. All came from, and before that from other different websites.}

So it might be a little late for a “holiday dress post” . . . I had planned to do one earlier but it slipped my mind. Tonight, while sitting down with a heaping bowl of deliciously cream-cheesy, bacon-y, wonderful spaghetti carbonara (it must have been so much fat but I was so hungry!), I read a post over on Petite in Pearls (which is a beautiful blog that you should follow) that reminded me I needed to write one myself.

To me, the most basic Christmas colors are green, red, silver, gold, and of course the shades of black, gray, and white--but I also think that there are other ways to go “Christmas-y” without looking like the grand fir in your living room. (Well, there's a grand fir in my living room anyway.) Any dark version of a color spells winter to me. For example, you can take a sleeveless fit-and-flare teal dress for summer and look adorable, but this one
Teal lace dress from Lane Bryant....I have a slight obsession with this dress! Must have for all the weddings next year :o)
turns the teal into a dark shade with a subtly grayish tone, adds sheer lace to the neckline and arms, and creates a perfect choice for Christmas.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

O Come All Ye Faithful

I am SO excited . . . finals are OVER and I have three weeks to enjoy before I have to go back to school! Yahoo! The only bummer is that I have to wait until Sunday for all my grades to be visible.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Drem & Splash || Installment 1

The chords for the song I recorded last Thursday for my music appreciation final. Yes, I did misspell the word “bloom” into “blume.” I was rather hilarified about that when I did it. It's because the next rhyming word is “plume.”

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Despite the fact that I kind of look like a grouch in this picture (lolz) this is my favorite time of the year.

Monday, December 1, 2014

December Goals

In November, I decided to start up this series as a fun way of challenging myself. Here were my goals for November (and whether or not they got checked off, haha).