At the End of This Year || 2014

I tend to become nostalgic when I consider the end of the year, when I sit typing on my computer or lying in bed staring at the clock as the seconds tick closer to midnight on December 31st. Why is it that the passing of years hits us harder than the passing of months, days, hours, seconds?

I feel like 2014 has been both quiet and eventful, that each month didn't hold one exciting aspect that I can easily pinpoint, but rather that a few of the months held unforgettable or life-changing moments. So instead of going through the year month-by-month, I'll give you my 2014 story in the months when something big -- to me, at least -- happened.

Hallie, my best friend and older sister, got married to my new brother-in-law Sam on the 22nd.
I started this fashion blog.
I graduated from high school.
I spent a week at the Lake and went to the beach (Ocean Shores) one of the days, with my bestest buddies Hallie and Ben.
I went on a road trip with my bestest friend Bex.
Yeah, I know this is not a picture of Hallie, Sam, and me watching Sherlock, but I think that would be slightly weird. Besides which I don't have one or I would've used it ;)
I visited Hallie and Sam and watched all three seasons of Sherlock.
I turned eighteen.
My brother Stephen got engaged to my soon-to-be sister-in-law Andrea.
I voted for the first time.
I got my Certified Reconditioned Vitamix 5200.

I got three weeks off from school and have only two quarters and 28 credits to go before I get my AA. 

I started training to walk a marathon on March 28.

There are several goals I have for 2015, but a lot of them may appear -- in some form at least -- in my January Goals post, which I'd like to get up tomorrow if I can. So stay tuned for that :-)

Happy New Year, my friends.


  1. Happy New Year! I agree- the seconds, minutes, hours, and days of this life pass so slowly but the whole year just zooms by. 2014 was a wonderful year, but a sad one as well. I had an amazing summer- it was really really awesome. Sadly, many people we knew died this year. However, it is great to know that they are happy in heaven now!

    1. Happy New Year to you too, Grace! I'm so sorry for your losses. But yes, isn't it wonderful to have the assurance of how much happier they are now?

      I hope you have a wonderful 2015!

  2. the marathon isn't until the end of march???? i thought it was in February. Yay i have more time to train.:)


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