December Goals

In November, I decided to start up this series as a fun way of challenging myself. Here were my goals for November (and whether or not they got checked off, haha).

1. Become strong enough to do a burpee ... correctly. I actually haven't done a workout with a burpee in it since early November! So I haven't practiced this one much ... if at all :P
2. Buy a reconditioned Vitamix. I just ordered this (today on Cyber Monday). Hopefully it wasn't the worst mistake of my life or anything.
3. Start eating healthier. This is more of a daily goal for me. I've been away from home a lot, though, and the several days of Thanksgiving didn't help either.
4. Post (on the blog) more often. Since I didn't even get to as many posts as October during November, I don't feel like I can check this one off. I've been busy with other things or I would have had more outfits to show you all.
5. Improve my writing. This is a hard one to know if I checked off--because it's only been a month and that month went by veeeeeeeery fast. But I did write a bit better in some of my posts at least; hence, I am crossing it off the list :)
6. Find new cute outfits in my closet. Yes! I know that there were several that I absolutely loved but for one reason or another couldn't share with you all.
7. Start arranging the piece for my music appreciation final. Yep, I started a week and a half or so ago. I still have a few days left, and while it won't be what I hoped, I want to get at least a little farther along -- !
8. Take a music photoshoot. It was a very short one, but Sarah Quilici did take them this month :)
9. Break my habit of procrastination. I have done much better this month than I have in a while! I'm very happy about that :)
10. Develop a habit of praying and reading my Bible daily. Errrmm . . . I don't even want to tell you how badly I failed this one. For a few days I was doing okay reading my devotional, but then wasn't. One sentence my youth pastor said yesterday at church went thusly: “We enter His presence with thanksgiving,” just as it says in the psalm. For some reason, I had never really understood that verse before, but it dawned on me yesterday that if we want to be in His presence, we need to be thankful.
And finally onto the December goals!

1. Thank God, often. “Enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise. Give thanks to Him, bless His name.” Psalm 100:4 HOW I DID : Because of this goal I did consciously try to thank God a little more often, but not enough to actually “fulfill” it. I should have made a special time and place to thank Him instead of briefly and halfheartedly doing it as I fell asleep or something.
2. Write a few guest posts for other like-minded bloggers. I have two lined up already and have emailed several other fashion/lifestyle bloggers to ask for the chance to post for them. This week I'm hoping to have at least one of my guest posts go live, and I need to send the other one to the other blogger for approval :) HOW I DID : I accomplished this goal! I got to guest post for Life's Melody, Bramblewood Fashion, and Eden's Evaluations.
3. Get to 5 full-length pushups. I can do a full-length pushup, but I realized recently that I haven't been doing them correctly since I don't get my face very close to the floor at all when I do them. Here's to amending that! HOW I DID : Yes, I believe I can do this, but I still wimp out a lot and do half-length ones instead ;)
4. Start training to walk my marathon at the end of March. Official training starts December 7. HOW I DID : Yep, I started training. This Saturday (the 3rd) will be the end of my fourth week of training. I walked three miles yesterday and have eight to walk tomorrow.
5. Order all my books for winter quarter. Four classes and sixteen credits to order for. HOW I DID : They were surprisingly cheap and shipped quickly. I actually had four classes and SEVENTEEN credits to order for ;-)
6. Post 4-6 outfits for you all to see this month. I posted seven outfits in November, but because Christmas break starts halfway through this month, I won't have as many opportunities to wear cool stuff ;) Also, it gets dark so early now that the light may be gone before I have a chance to take photos (which is what happens most of the time I don't post an outfit on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays--I usually don't have a valid excuse on Sunday, though I often don't take outfit pictures anyway ;)). HOW I DID : I only ended up posting three, so I guess I can't check this one off.
7. Start arranging “Let It Go” for my dream album, which is a collection of my favorite Disney songs. HOW I DID : I wrote down the lyrics on a sheet of paper so I could start filling in chords, but that was pretty much all I accomplished on this score.

Well . . . that's a wrap for this December's goals.

What goals are you planning to fulfill this month?


  1. Good for you! You crossed off some of those November goals. That's awesome! Checking things off is the bestest part. :)


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