Drem & Splash || Installment 1

The chords for the song I recorded last Thursday for my music appreciation final. Yes, I did misspell the word “bloom” into “blume.” I was rather hilarified about that when I did it. It's because the next rhyming word is “plume.”
I did my hair up in a crown rope braid last Friday.
These last three I didn't take--either Dad or Amy did.
Finally, here come the pictures of my phathorsies, Drem and Splash (Splash is above). There might be an overload of pictures of them, but I can't help it. I love watching them play.
Splash pranced around for a while while Drem checked out the surroundings. I'm not sure what was over in that direction, but Drem kept snorting at whatever it was.
My phathorsie again.
Haha--can you see Drem in the back? She was being such a weirdo the entire time Saturday morning.
Drem looks like she's starting to Zenyatta dance, but at this point I think she's actually bending down to scratch her canon bone (or her nose--I don't know which one itches when they do that).
They both look like the Grinch that stole Christmas.
Splash finally succeeds in getting Drem to go somewhere with her.
Aaaaaaaaaand Drem gets grumpy about it.
Doesn't Drem's eye remind you of the black stallion's eyes in The Man From Snowy River? She looks like a monster.
They evidently got angry with each other.
Splash prancing around again, probably looking for an ideal place to roll. She rolls every time she goes out to graze unless she has hay to occupy her. That's all she cares about: food and rolling.
Drem did quite a few cool rollbacks, all on her own. It's so fun to watch horses naturally do what people try to teach them to do. Once, a few years ago, when Splash and Drem lived across the road, we let them out and they started loping patterns. One loped a circle in one direction and one loped a circle the other direction, and then they'd lope the same direction together. . . . It was awesome.
She's so weird. I think she thinks very highly of herself in moments like these.
Off she goes to get Splash. . . .

Which was your favorite photo?

Interesting information of the day: I guest posted at Bramblewood Fashion!

Also: If you'd like to listen to the recording of the song I sang for my music appreciation final, the video is below :)


  1. My horses are so cute! Where you using the 55-200 lens?

    1. Yes indeed I was. I had the ISO turned up to HI 1 though (for indoor pictures), which is why these are grainy. I always forget what I have the ISO on. :P

  2. Oh my goodness! Man From Snowy River? That is one of my FAVORITE movies! I haven't thought of it in ages! And yes Drem's eyes do look like The Black! Great post :) <3

    1. I love that movie too! One of my all-time favorites. :) Thanks for commenting, Wholesome Joy!


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