Finding the Perfect Christmas Dress

{Disclaimer: None of the photos below are my own. All came from, and before that from other different websites.}

So it might be a little late for a “holiday dress post” . . . I had planned to do one earlier but it slipped my mind. Tonight, while sitting down with a heaping bowl of deliciously cream-cheesy, bacon-y, wonderful spaghetti carbonara (it must have been so much fat but I was so hungry!), I read a post over on Petite in Pearls (which is a beautiful blog that you should follow) that reminded me I needed to write one myself.

To me, the most basic Christmas colors are green, red, silver, gold, and of course the shades of black, gray, and white--but I also think that there are other ways to go “Christmas-y” without looking like the grand fir in your living room. (Well, there's a grand fir in my living room anyway.) Any dark version of a color spells winter to me. For example, you can take a sleeveless fit-and-flare teal dress for summer and look adorable, but this one
Teal lace dress from Lane Bryant....I have a slight obsession with this dress! Must have for all the weddings next year :o)
turns the teal into a dark shade with a subtly grayish tone, adds sheer lace to the neckline and arms, and creates a perfect choice for Christmas.

Another ideal option is plaid. I mention this mostly because it was on Petite in Pearls, though I myself would choose one with yet darker colors than the one showcased on her blog--something like this, 
Tartan print peplum red night fashion dress
with hints of gold and green. A penciled skirt on the dress is very professional for attending a work party too. The flared teal dress shown above is fancy, sure, but showcases a more innocent (definitely not a bad thing) and carefree personality. Women who wear pencil skirts appear to me as very confident (which is a good thing too).

Also, I find that anything with shimmer or sparkle is “in” during this season. Today I was browsing around JCPenney (one of my favorite stores, since they almost exclusively carry my signature style--classic--in their misses' department) and found a gorgeous sequined gold pencil skirt. (I really wanted it, but was in the mood where I knew I couldn't try anything on without it looking bad on me.) I love this dress,
 Pink foil lace dress $21
which combines shine with lace (another element that makes me think of Christmastime).

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand you can always go the “safe” route and wear something in a shade of red (this one's super cool because all those jewels on the neckline mean you don't have to accessorize with a statement necklace) . . .
Autumn&Winter - Red dress
. . . or black is a great option too. The LBD never goes out of style, and thankfully, you can wear one in pretty much any cut you're comfortable with and still look beautiful.

Black Plain Round Neck Sleeveless Cotton Blend Dress

Funnily enough for the fashion blogger that I am, I have never really “dressed up” for Christmas. I mean, not with all the glitter and finery you see in this post, anyway :-) Someday hopefully I can break that tradition. (My family's never placed a big emphasis on dressing up for holidays at home [which is not bad, just not my taste anymore] so I feel weird whenever I do.)

I'm curious. Do you usually dress up for Christmas or are you content to open presents in your pajamas {I still enjoy this tradition of my family's} and attend Christmas dinner wearing jeans and a T-shirt {not my favorite practice anymore}? :-) 


  1. I *love* number 1. I totally agree about the color being Christmas-y. :)

    1. I love that dress as well . . . so gorgeous! I was browsing around Pinterest today wishing I had the money to buy all these glorious dresses. :-) My personal favorite in this post is definitely the red dress with the jeweled collar. Just my style and red is probably the color that looks the best on me, soooooo . . . :-)

      I appreciate your comment, Ashley!

  2. pretty dresses :)

    1. Aren't they? I'd love to have a couple of them in my closet, that's for sure! Thanks for commenting, Andy :-)


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