The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Despite the fact that I kind of look like a grouch in this picture (lolz) this is my favorite time of the year.

I've been very tired and stressed the last week. On Sunday I “officially” started my marathon training, even though I just walked my usual distance of three miles. Today I walked four, which was a nice change, except I had a cute chocolate lab puppy follow me for the last three miles. She ended up coming home with me, which is a problem since we have chickens, cats, sheep, and a bunny--too many animals for her to terrorize. 

I wanted to get this post up on Sunday (since that's when I took these pictures) but didn't have time. I've been forcing myself to be disciplined, and I hate it sometimes and like it at other times. I've been working on my five finals (two for biology, one for economics, one for web design, and one for music appreciation) and only have two left to finish before I break for three and a half weeks before winter quarter starts. It will be my first real break in a year, since I didn't get a spring break last year (conflicting high school/college schedules) and did school during summer term. I did get a week of real break between spring and summer, but that kind of feels like hardly anything.
Last night my church choir performed at the annual community Christmas program held at the high school. I had to sing a solo, so I was nervous. Everyone said I did well, but I didn't think I did. It didn't help that the previous person who had used the microphone was three or four inches shorter than I was at my height (which was 5'11.25" in my 3-inch heels) so I had to hunch to sing into it, besides which I hate using a microphone stand (not enough to do with my hands).

I am extremely hungry at the moment. I haven't made my energy bar thingies yet today, but I still have to study for my economics final and finish editing a video/submit a guest post to a blogger I follow. Which reminds me: If you didn't know it, I guest posted a few days ago over at Life's Melody.

Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh . . . I feel like this post was disjointed and random. Oh well. I am sort of worn out and needed to write about my worn-outedness :)
Ruched Red Blouse : Gift, by Jockey
Black Cardigan : Thrifted, by Anne Taylor ($7.99)
Red Nail Polish : Fred Meyer, by Wet 'n' Wild Megalast in “I Red A Good Book” ($1.99) (here) - Incidentally, I only had two coats on my left hand, and a single coat on my right hand, because I didn't have time to finish it till today. That's why my right hand, if you look very closely, might appear more hot pink than red.
Ruffled Paisley Skirt : Thrifted, by Believe In Yourself And You Can Do Anything ($6.00?)
Red Pumps : Target, by Mossimo ($30.00) (here - no longer available in red)

What did you wear on Sunday? Have you had a relaxed early December or have you been stressing out about finals (or something else) too? Are you getting super excited for Christmas? :)


  1. I am also extremely hungry at the moment. I almost passed out at work from starvation and then I had to go straight to dress rehearsal. Same thing tomorrow. I need to pack more food. Incidentally, did you take these pictures at the Lienings'? (I'm also pretty sure that was an incorrect use of the word incidentally.)

    Sheesh and you think you're disjointed and random.... my brain has gone haywire.

    1. I made my energy bar thingies last night and they did NOT taste very good. So far my healthy cookies are the only creations I actually like.

      Yes, I did go to Lienings' to take these pictures :) funny that you noticed that.

      I think I used incidentally wrong too. Oh well.

  2. What did you do with the puppy??!

    1. Mom and Amy and I took it back to its house :)

  3. INCIDENTALLY I didn't notice until you pointed out, Hallz, that these pics were taken at my house! Ha. Zero observation skills on my part!
    I am also curious what became of the puppy!

    1. Haha. :) I didn't know if anyone would notice or not. I don't think I would have if it had been someone else.

      The puppy went back to its house on East Fish Hatchery. I don't think the owners were at home at the time, which is probably why it decided to be my walking buddy for the day :-)


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