A Warm Day in January + Survey Results

Today, after days of overcast skies and the threat of rain, the sun finally thwarted the clouds and made it a forty-seven-degree day. Yeah, seriously. In January. In southeastern Washington.

My day started at about 6:15 this morning when I woke up after about 6.75 hours of sleep. I tend to have lots of trouble getting to sleep at night, and trying to sleep the night before a class is even harder. How 'bout trying to sleep before a speech class? Well actually I dreaded waking up less than I do for my biology classes -- who knows why -- but of course me being the introverted rotten speaker that I am I didn't really want to talk in front of a lot of people today.
Class went well though. I met a really cool young woman who was easy to talk to. I got to interview her and then introduce her to the class. The time spent in class (about 2.25 hours) flew by, unlike the time in my other classes where I'm usually just sitting and listening to a lecture.

When I got home I worked on schoolwork. I was pretty energetic and feeling good about getting lots of assignments done but I reached web design and couldn't handle anymore. I like to design web pages, but I've also found few things that frustrate me more. 

So . . . I sent out a survey a few days ago, and got six responses. That's not a lot but it did give me some good feedback. One thing I would like you to do if you are going to take the survey -- please don't skip questions! I had a lot of question skippers and it's actually very discouraging. BUT to quickly outline the results --

The favorite posts on DAR question received a unanimous “outfit/lifestyle/fashion posts” reply. I think that's great, because I always want to get more outfits out to you -- I just tend to have a lot of obstacles in my way sometimes :-P

The Which series do you like best had a lot of different answers, but the one you guys want to see more of is “Common Mistakes Fashionistas Make.” I'll have to start thinking of some topics for that one.

The What could improve question got half “Photography” answers and half “Other (please specify” answers. The photography one was no surprise, but it bothered me that none of you specified what could change when you said “Other.” If you think something needs changing, please say so when I give you the opportunity! Otherwise how can I make this blog better?

The What would you like to see question got some unexpected but really cool responses. One was recipes, another was hair tutorials, and others were on fashion, beauty, being a good blogger with pictures/layout/content, and advice for taking outfit pictures. For the recipes and hair tutorials -- I have always wanted to do both of those on this blog, but trust me when I say I don't have equipment conducive for them at present. The lens I currently have for my D40 does not do well in indoor light and I'm not sure I even have a video camera for hair tutorials. One thing I want to save up my money for is a Nikon D3100 complete with a 50mm f/1.8 lens. The D3100 has a built-in video feature which would make vlogging and video tutorials far easier.

Thank you so much for your responses!
Cardigan: Thrifted by Ann Taylor ($7.99)
Sweater: Gift by Jeanne Pierre
Jeans: Thrifted by Merona ($5.99)
Boots: Payless by Brash ($59.99)
What did you do today? What did you wear while doing it?


  1. I love this look. (And i just bought a cardigan last night that is the same color as your sweater. It's such a beautiful color.)

    What did I do today? Got up at eleven, #sheepishsmile folded three loads of laundry, drank a pot of coffee, browsed pinterest/blogger/emails and then wrote 665 words on a new story idea, while listening to my Disney and Frank Sinatra pandora stations. Sort of a productive day, but pretty relaxing as well. :)

    And I am wearing my dark denim carpi's, a black cami and my teal lacy "over-shirt." my hair is in a half-up pony, and a mess of crumpled tangley curls left over from yesterday. Not terribly attractive, but I'm not going anywhere today, so I am quite content with not bothering to fix my hair too much and put on make-up. :)

    1. Thank you! I love that color as well and I'm sure you look splendid in it.

      I got up at 9:15 this morning. I'm housesitting and it was so nice to be all alone in a cozy enormous bed (well, enormous by my standards). It was fun because it rained for most of the night last night so I felt even cozier. I took the weekend off from walking which I maybe shouldn't have done but I think I needed to.

      Your outfit sounds pretty :)

  2. We had a little winter "heat wave" as well. Today it was about 45 here in Ohio. I had to run some errands and my ten month old and I went out. I even left my super heavy coat in the car. Those are the best kinds of shopping days. (; I wore black skinnies, a grey pullover cable knit and a leopard scarf. To top it off I wore slip on shoes and tied my hair back. Sundays are makeup free for me. I allow my skin to breathe. So I went with a super natural look. (:

    1. Cool! (except warm, haha) Yeah, I was pretty hot by the time I got out of class on Friday -- so hot I had to turn on the A/C in the car :P

      Your outfit sounds gorgeous! And good for you for letting your skin go natural once a week. I know that takes a lot of courage for some people :)

  3. These kind of cardigan's seem very popular now! I have a few and for the most part like them. The lines are nice. :)

    1. Really? Odd, I hadn't noticed. (haha) I love mine. It's comfortable and warm :) Thanks for commenting!


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