You Say I'm Crazy

So I just have to say that TECHNICALLY orange is not my color and TECHNICALLY orange should not go with teal but TECHNICALLY I really loved this outfit.
And TECHNICALLY you might legitimately say I'm crazy for my weird color combinations but at least I'll know and I'll know and I'll know and I'll know and I'll kno-o-ow I'm not the only one.

Sorry, that song was one of the last I heard before getting out of the car this morning coming home from class and now it's stuck in my head. I don't even remember who sings it or what it's called.
This photo ended up looking very weird but I decided to keep it anyway.

My hair also was a gigungous frizzball for some reason. Seriously, I don't know if I've ever seen it grow that much -- horizontally, that is -- before.

Blazer: Thrifted, by Liz Claiborne ($0.75)
Rust Blouse: Twice Clothing, by Talbots (Free w/ coupon) This blouse is actually 100% silk! That's one of the main reasons I bought it.
Teal Cami: Forever 21 ($1.90)
Jeans: Thrifted, by Merona ($5.99)
Booties: Ross, by Carlos ($27.99)

Besides the booties, this is probably one of the cheapest outfits I've ever worn on this blog. And one of my favorites too. How ironic.

How was your hair day? What song do you have stuck in your head?


  1. 1. I like your new blog header.
    2. Um... orange doesn't go with teal? Whoops. I guess I've broken that rule like 5,000 times. Today I wore a combination of coral, teal, and navy. Whatevs, I liked it.
    3. I sent you a package (well you and mom, so it says "Barta family" on it) and it will probs get there on Wednesday, so you should be home to open it. :P
    4. I actually think the orange in these pictures looks red.
    5. My hair day was meh because I hadn't washed my hair in 3 days but dry shampoo does wonders. Once I showered post-Jillian it was better though.
    6. I have that stupid "all the single ladies" song stuck in my head because of my new Facebook ad. :P
    7. That's all but sevens are cooler than sixes.

    1. 1. Thanks! I like it too. I was in a very “I want to look professional and make myself a logo for my future fashion business” mood last night but it was vewy fwustwating because I had to resize the picture and then resize my blog. . . . Plus Paint was being a ret.
      2. I don't know. It's not a combination I've thought of before and Amy didn't like it apparently. I personally loved it though.
      3. YAY I like packages
      4. Ugh! Amy thought that it was red too. What is with you guys? I don't know it could be your computer screen too. That one red ruched blouse I have comes across as pink on some computers.
      5. Oh my goodness I didn't know you EVER went that long without washing your hair.
      6. I saw your ad and started mentally singing that song too :)
      7. Seven is the number of completion

  2. Your new header looks great!: )

  3. Your new header is gorgeous! I really love this color combination. The jeans and blazer help tone it down a little and really make it work.

    1. Thank you, Ashley! I liked the combination too though it wasn't something I would have thought of normally going well together.

  4. I believe Sam Smith sings "not the only one". I love these colors on you- bold combos can be great!

    1. Okay! Yay, now I'm not totally crazy. Haha.

      Thank you, Grace! I know, I love them :)

  5. me likes it, crazy colors and all.

    Actually, this outfit may be my favorite you've done. (Or really, one of my top favorites.) It's super classy, and the boots, jacket and dark-wash jeans pull it into the dressy categorize. I heartily approve. :)

    Did you get that cami at Forever 21 this weekend or did you have it before?

    1. Yay! Mine too :) I like how dressy it is in spite of me wearing jeans.

      I went to Forever 21 with Hallie in September and bought that camisole and two others while I was with her. I like it a lot -- especially with how cheap it is! And before September I'd never had colorful camis :)

  6. I had a decent hair day until the north east storm happened. Nothing a little hair brushing couldn't fix when I got to work. I love Sam Smith but sadly the song "I can go the distance," from the Disney movie Hercules, stuck in my head all day. Strange right?
    Love the color combos and they go great together. Always remember someone had to be the first to put two colors together and think, wow these look good. Every day is an opportunity to be a trend setter. (;

    1. Oh I LOVE that song from Hercules! So much so that I hope to feature it on my album of Disney remakes someday :)

      Thank you! Aww, that's good encouragement :) I should actually jot that down and pin it somewhere. . . .

      Thank you for commenting, Kiki!


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