2015 Spring Wardrobe Picks

I miss posting on days like today, where I forget to take outfit photos till it's too late, really need to write to a reader's ear, and feel so exhausted I just want to curl up on my bed and feel the healing power of tears. And then sleep in oblivion.

I was getting spring outfit fever looking through Pinterest so I want to share some of my fave finds with you all. . . .
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I just love this because oh the orange shoes and the floral sleeveless peplum - ! I want. It's strange because 2015 is the first year I find myself really getting spring outfit fever. I was always like “Psh” when anybody else said that but now I understand it. No more dark colors, people! The only thing I'll miss is my boots.
Yay! Let's go twirl in a sleeveless dress and strappy heels. So gorgeous.
Just Glows to Show You Skirt
Yes, I pin peacock skirts.
One Floral, All For One Dress in Seeds
This one is very nautical -- I'm not a huge seafaring fan but whatever. The cut of this dress is cute.
Hannah Everly: Spring Florals
Yes, I will shamelessly pin the beautiful Hannah Everly twice.
Liven up your look! Start with a bold print—like this amazing still-life floral skirt—to shake up your go-to blouse routine.
I love mixtures of romantic and classic.
This cream-colored fit-and-flare dress features a stunning saturated floral print in hues of fuchsia, green and purple.
This Ruche dress is much too short, but I'd still wear it as a tunic (or even a shirt, if it was that short -- though I'm not like a giant or anything).
Decou-Posh Dress
Want want want.
floral skirt + blush knits
That skirt though.
Rendered in a gorgeous light-blue shade, this intricate dress is adorned with a floral print in hues of red, black, and beige with ruffled accents across the front.
Not really sure why I like this so much, but I do.
Watercolor Waltz Dress
I know this is similar to the one I pinned above, but I can't help it. These dresses are so beautiful!

Okay, I'd better stop now before I overload you all. I could go on for, like, forever and then another day. Just kidding.

I went to see Still Alice in theaters yesterday with my cousin-best friend (how do I say that?) and Julianne Moore was so worthy of winning Best Actress (she was freaking amazing, guys). The story is heartbreaking, but realistic, well-researched, and uplifting too. I highly recommend it! but, as a warning, you'll probably cry.


  1. Love that twirl-y dress! So pretty...! Plus, who doesn't look a good twirl picture!? :D

    Yay for Still Alice. It sounded good.

    1. I know right? I always try to get them but it's so difficult when I can't set the camera on burst-mode and self-timer simultaneously.

      It was wonderful! You should definitely see it :)

  2. We so have similar tastes. I love everything you posted! I have it in my head that I wont have to wear pants this year because my dress collection will be that awesome. (;

    1. THAT would be pretty incredible. I seem to have trouble finding dresses normally, so unfortunately that won't be me ... but hopefully I can vamp up my spring wardrobe somehow. I do have this awesome pair of wedges just waiting for my next photoshoot.... :)

  3. Okay, you've officially given ME spring outfit fever. I love the black striped dress and the pink floral Ruche dress and THOSE WEDGES! Can't wait to see photos of some of your spring outfits! :D

    a vapor in the wind

    1. Haha, I know right? It cheered me up so much writing this post for you guys. (And for me. haha)

      Those wedges are like the epitome of cuteness. I really want a pair. But then I want everything Hannah Everly wears so, . . . haha

      I can't wait to post some! I'm going to try to wear the least boring outfits possible -- I frequently tend to over-winterize my spring outfits but I want to minimize that this season. Thanks so much for commenting, Dani!

  4. okay. This is the third time i have tried to comment on this post. (my computer has been a pill and deleted the others. So I did try to comment when you actually posted this. sometimes I feel like chucking the computer out the window and going to live in a cave with a racoon. Or maybe not. I don't think racoons would be particularly great to live with.) ANYHOW.

    I HAVE SPRING FEVER TOO!!!!!! I am in the mood for pretty floral dresses/skirts and sandals and lemon everything! (I associate the flavor of lemon with spring. I don't know why.) Right now I really want a pair of coral pumps. I think they would be very springy. :)

    1. Hahahahaha ... that's hilarious! I love that. I don't think I'd want to live with raccoons either, though I've heard they're the cleanest animals around....

      So am I! Speaking of lemon flavoring, I was looking up perfumes last night. (Random tidbit of information.) I love coral, and coral high heels would be the best! Thanks for commenting, Bex :)


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