Q & A 2015 | Video

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I got my Q & A 2015 video uploaded for you guys -- finally! I contracted a nasty bug that's been going around our town, one that gets you once and then when you feel better gets you again. . . . So hopefully I won't get it again after I finally started feeling better! Finals don't care about sickness, unfortunately . . . and I would prefer not to be feeling awful on my all-too-short spring break in a couple weeks.

A few notes about the video -- for the hobbies question, I think my actual favorite is singing. Besides that, I left some things unsaid because I was focused and on a roll and really didn't want to shoot the video again! :) So if something didn't sound right to you, comment and I'll try to clarify it.
Note: YouTube picks the most unattractive thumbnails ever, where people's mouths are open and they look unintelligent. All of the thumbnail options were pretty much equally ridiculous-looking . . . this was the only “good” one in the bunch.

Do you want to see more videos from me, and if so, on what topics?
Thanks so much for submitting all your questions!


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