First Day of My Life

I wonder (a lot) if people think I'm a weirdo for getting so dressed up. Yesterday I wore a blazer, my neon-green graphic tee, jeans, and black heels to trigonometry. Yes I was 5'11.25" because of the fact. Yes I probably did look ridiculous to the rest of my classmates, at least 55% of whom are male and the 45% who are female are the types who choose comfort over fanciness.

Which is fine, by the way. I don't want to condemn anyone for dressing casually because we all just need to do that sometimes. Right?
After I showered today I put on this “casual” colorblocked dress. Funny thing is that people tend to think one is dressed up regardless of the fabric of the dress she's wearing. Especially because I added this lace cardigan for a pretty overlay and some extra layering -- since it isn't summer yet. In case you wanted to know that.
Hashtag ballerina fail attempt. And yes those are water stains on my dress. I had to wash some dishes between photos. #beingrealpeople
Perhaps a little better?
I'm quite proud of myself because I'm all finished with my first project for Math 112. In Math 111 I always put off my projects till the last second -- I tend to be a chronic procrastinator though I try to fight it like heck -- and underwent massive stress as a result. I also had a lot of fun with this project. In fact, trigonometry has been so much fun at times that I'm like, “I want to do math” in the same fashion I would say, “I want to browse Pinterest” only I can feel less guilty about the former admission :) Yesterday we learned about proving trigonometric identities and can I just say how beautiful the problems were. (I will accept the fact that you'll think I'm weird; I've been calling everything beautiful lately, including the sesame seeds on my Ezekiel bread, so. . . .)
I'm also continually thankful for the 50mm f/1.8 lens Hallie so graciously gifted me. It makes me so much more satisfied with my fashion photographs. Thanks, Hald!

~what I wore~
lace cardigan | fred meyer by eyeshadow ($17.99)
colorblocked dress | gift by chadwicks
white ballet flats | kmart by bongo ($20.00)
What have you peeps been doing lately?


  1. I like these pictures and outfit. :) that lens is grand. BUT how exactly do you have 65% males and 55% females in biology? I'm pretty sure that math won't stand in your Math 112 class ;)

    1. WHOOPS I think I meant 55/45! Thanks for catching my error. As Mr. Evans says, it's the stupid algebra (or arithmetic in this case) that gets you down in calculus. You wouldn't think I was ACTUALLY any good at it.

  2. I have the same flats!! I think... only in black and brown... TWINSIES!! lol

    ....only if you want

    1. Hahaha Mariya! That's great :) We're definitely #twins.

  3. I think everyone likes to dress comfortably, but some people don't feel comfortable unless they're dressed up. The way we dress is one of our means to express ourselves and our unique qualities...don't be afraid to express yourself even it means standing out sometimes!

    By the way, that dress is so gorgeous. And I always love seeing your smile. :)

    Dani from A Vapor in the Wind

    1. What a true statement, Dani! I hadn't thought of that.

      Funny that you say that, actually . . . we always think that modesty means NOT standing out, but if we lived our lives trying not to stand out we wouldn't always be employing our God-given talents the way He wants us to. I think we need to focus on remembering that modesty isn't about appearance nearly as much as it is a humble attitude, and that as long as we're praising God in what we're doing, standing out is okay. Interesting thoughts!

      And thank you for the compliment! You are too sweet.


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