Math, Shopping, & Sheep | March 31st Vlog

Yesterday I filmed my first vlog (whaaaaaaaaaaaat?)! I took the camera to math class and filmed some of my thoughts on the day and the places I headed. If you like it, you can subscribe to me on YouTube.
Also, I have a couple of announcements to make. First of all, my blogiversary is in less than two weeks (whaaaaaaaaaaaat?) and I'm going to celebrate by hosting a pretty cool giveaway, so stick around till then for details! Also, you guys have graciously helped me get to almost 100 followers on Dance A Real's Pinterest board and once I get to 100, I'm going to be hosting another giveaway! Comment below and tell me what you think I should give away for my 100-Pinterest-followers celebration. And if you want the giveaway to come sooner, you can follow DAR on Pinterest here!


  1. what did you film this with? My first thought was "she can't be dragging her laptop around filming..." haha.

    Anyway super fun, and you should send me a picture of the lambs sometime, because I couldn't really see them but they're obviously gonna be super cute. Lambs are always adorable. :) Where did you get their names this year? :)


    1. I filmed it with our point-and-shoot Canon Powershot A610. It's light and portable but not as convenient as a phone -- Reason #2 why Hannah wishes she could afford a Smartphone.

      I rewatched that part and realized that it was way darker in the barn than I thought (I watched it on the camera last night after I shot it and it wasn't as dark on camera -- it must have transferred onto my laptop weirdly). We didn't pick their names from literature this year haha -- Amy always thought I was weird for doing that. She wanted to name the boy Palmer so I said Polly would be a good match for that, and she liked it too so that's what we named them.

      Thanks for watching it :)

  2. Isn't there a law against vlogging while driving?

    ... I guess that's just texting.

    Anyway this was fun to watch. :)

    1. It's not that hard. It's not like I was actually looking through the camera while driving or anything.

      Thank you :)


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