We Never Go Out of Style

L to R: Rebekah Rose, me, Emily Renee, Rachel Hope.
On Tuesday I had the pleasure of spending an evening with these three wonderful ladies. Following my trigonometry class, we met at Shari's just after five and ate hamburgers and tater tots and rosemary-seasoned french fries and talked about so many things. It's so very hard these days to find groups of people with whom one can share conversations that range from Jesus and the recent Resurrection Day to guys and our (possible) future marriages -- I am so, so thankful for each of these beautiful friends of mine.

 As evidenced by the photos, after dinner we went on a photoshoot on the riverfront. I got to snap pictures of all three of them and their gorgeous outfits. Tell me below -- which outfit is your favorite of all four?
 The lovely Rachel surveys the river.
I've never met anyone who can pose as easily and beautifully as Bekah! I wish I was a natural in front of the camera. . . .
I love this photo because we're all so genuinely cracked up.
Shoutout to the photobombing biker who appears to be having a heart attack after our leaping antics scared him to death.

 What I'm wearing-
Black pinstriped blazer: Thrifted, by Liz Claiborne ($.75)
Navy tee: JCPenney ($6.00?)
Floral skirt: Thrifted, by DressBarn ($6.00?)
Black boots: Gift, by JCPenney

I just wanted to do a quick insert in here about my outfit. The floral skirt immediately says “spring” which is good because, well of course, it's definitely spring now! However, I did use some transitioning pieces since I won't fully take the “warmer” items out of my closet till after Memorial Day. The first was the blazer -- blazers are always good transition pieces because they're not boiling (especially over a t-shirt) but they're usually heavy enough to keep out any chill that spring weather might concoct (funnily enough, it's usually in my balmy 73-degree classroom where I get the coldest). While I packed my tall black boots away till late this year, these flat black boots of mine only come up to my calf and, therefore, convey a lighter tone, again good for ushering in this new season.

It was so fun hanging out with you, girls! I love you three and I can't wait to do it again :)


  1. awwww. So cute!! I love all ya'lls outfits! (Especially love Bekah's dress!! SOO springy and cute!) Your laughing picture seriously cracked me up. :) And I basically wore the same outfit as you today to church. :) A super flowery pink skirt, a black tight teeshirt and a black cardigan over it. And my trusty black pumps, of course. :) I felt like spring, which was the object, but I stayed plenty warm enough too. :)

    1. Thank you! I love Bekah's dress too -- gosh can I like steal it from her? (JKFL :)) It's perfect. We had so much fun together.

      Yay for floral skirts! I love them :) We're also really good at matching each other . . . did you ever notice that? ;)

    2. I have noticed that... you'd think we might be friends or something. lol :) We do have similar clothing styles and similar statement pieces... no that's not the right term, but I can't think of what I really mean. essential pieces... that's what I meant. :)

      also... I feel so stupid... what does jkfl mean? :) I get JK, but google isn't helping with the rest.

    3. Hahaha :) Don't feel stupid! I didn't know that either when it first popped up in my life. It's "just kidding for life." JK really is more meaningful; I should have just written that!

  2. I have the same dress as Emma! I just posted it on my blog today. :P
    I love all the outfits. :) so pretty


    1. I just went to check out your post! How hilarious :) It looks stunning on you. Thanks for commenting!


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