2015 College Graduation Outfit Picks

Am I the only one who considers college graduation more businesslike than high school? Maybe. Lots of things, after all, depend on your personal style, so if you're a preppy person that's what you'll probably wear to your graduation. However, in the interest of you looking professional and all that to possible future employers, this post will feature more classic options than yesterday's did. Oh, and because classic/professional/businesslike is my style anyway. Bonus right?
This Kate Spade outfit is to die for! I love the combination of the sleek navy skirt with the patterned ruffle top. It looks polished and clean, it is a great outfit to wear to work or to a meeting.
I pretty much just really like this, but it might look a little bulky under a graduation gown. Am I right? Otherwise, all you'd need to do is swap out the nail color to complement or match your gown. Her hair is pretty too.

kate spade new york 'adette' colorblock woven fit & flare dress available at #Nordstrom
Just because I said preppy might not be a cool idea for college graduation doesn't mean fit and flare is out. Search for a conservative hemline though -- if not for modesty standards, for future work fashion, showing less skin is preferable.
Love this look—esp the chartreuse sweater with the black & cream striped dress & fuchsia heels❣ This Silly Girl's Life
This is an overload of colors for me -- I think if we took off the chartreuse cardigan I'd be happy. Still, in spite of this having a vintage flair and outrageous colors, this beautiful lady looks anything but teenager with her grown-up chignon and fabulous pointed mid-height heels. Pretty sure emulating this look would be awesome for any occasion :)
Vintage 1950's White Chiffon Bird Print Cocktail Dress
Yesterday I showed you a vintage dress patterned with pretty yellow flowers and green leaves. This 1950's-style dress is similar, but that's okay -- I think vintage can be dressed “older” just as well as it can be girly/romantic. A wonderful real-life example of this is Alexandra from Into the Woods.
The right LBD can be worn for any season or occasion. #lbd #classic
I think what differentiates this from a typical “preppy” style is the hemline and the heels. Platformed heels can look like clubbing shoes -- combine that with a short hemline and you look provocative, not professional. Plus black is always good. I like the quote, “I'll stop wearing black when they invent a darker color.” :)
Women's Business Fashion Trend - I need to wear more skirts to work -__-
Pencil skirts are pretty much the paragon of professionalism (like my assonance there?). If your family has modesty issues with them, then that's okay -- a neutral a-line skirt (I like the idea of subtle gray here) would fit the bill nicely. The open-toed heels are great for summer too, and that ruffled blouse is so chic. Okay. I think I just want all the clothes now.

And this is totally irrelevant, but am I the only one who suddenly feels I need to buy all the clothes in the world for spring and summer?
Kelsey Dress [BDS1401] - $29.99 : Mikarose Boutique, Reinventing Modesty
I love this dress. It's just beautiful.

Which one was your favorite?

Aaaaand I still haven't decided what I'm wearing for my college graduation, which was four weeks from yesterday. How does time pass so fast? I just got done with midterms, for heaven's sake! I'm really excited though -- for the most part. I'll be sad to leave CGCC because I love it and I love the people there and I could pretty much just live there. Okay. Maybe I should stop gushing now because that might be kind of weird. Except I'm always weird, so that shouldn't matter. I'm also not so happy with the idea of being a responsible adult and potentially living away from my family but that's life.


  1. Love the last dress, soooo beautiful! The stripes are fun too! :)

    1. I know, aren't they all lovely? Thanks for commenting, Eden!


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