2015 Winter Wedding Essentials

I know, I know . . . the “real” wedding season has come and gone. Summer is long past and Thanksgiving is right around the corner (how did that happen?). And maybe it's only because I love wintertime and the Christmas season and all the quietude extra hours of darkness bring, but I personally believe that November-February weddings are the most beautiful ones around.

So here I am, having been inspired by The Black Tux, a tuxedo rental company, to share with you my fave winter wedding essentials! and ideas :D

1) The right dress

amelia sposa 2016 wedding dresses off the shoulder lace long sleeves embroidered bodice gorgeous A-line ball gown wedding dress nova #alineweddingdress #weddingdresses, #fall #2015 #wedding #dresses, #lightindreaming,:
We all know it's all about the dress. This one by Amelia Sposa has an aura of Kate Middleton, and the added lace sleeves also make it a little less chilly for a winter wedding. Winter weddings call to my mind great elegance, so take a look at her hair. It's upswept, flattering, mature, and graceful. I love it.

2) Candles

Did you all get to watch Ben Seewald propose to Jessa Duggar last August?
He decorated the lovely Crownthorn Chapel with battery-run candles and rose petals. Though I would prefer the setting to be darker so that the candles are more noticeable, I love this idea. At my cousin's wedding in 2008, she did something similar--lighting candles all along the walls of a dark church sanctuary. I find candles both calming and romantic in such a setting--and I think those two emotions are essential to any bride's wedding day. (Especially the calming one, haha.)

3) A Dose of Ethereal

Twinkle lights:

4) Floor-Length Ballgowns for Bridesmaids

When Hallie decided to have a February wedding, she also chose that her three bridesmaids would wear floor-length gowns. For winter weddings, I love this idea. It ups the elegance factor will (sort of) keeping the bridesmaids warm.

I say sort of because I wore a sleeveless dress and took photos outdoors and was kind of cold.
I think I like the setting and photography more than almost anything else here.:

5) An Excellent Photographer

this might be the prettiest wedding i've ever seen:
By Snippet and Ink
This rings true for any wedding in any season. You need to find a photographer who can play with the lighting you choose (e.g., if you have a dark setting illuminated by candles . . .); some professional photographers are far better outdoors than in and while, yes, indoor light is difficult to manipulate, if you find a good photographer his or her abilities should outweigh the drawbacks of your venue, etc.

What are your winter wedding essentials?


  1. mmm, I like this post, for obvious reasons. ;) I think a winter wedding would be pretty cool. (haha, no pun intended.)

    I hear you about the floor-length bridesmaid dresses. I think if I got married in the winter I'll end up doing that. (In some rich, bold, delicious color like deep purple, navy, cranberry or silver. ;)

    And I totally agree. Candles are so beautiful and romantic.

    Weddings are so beautiful and amazing. ;)

    1. Hahahaha your 2nd sentence made me laugh.

      Yes, they are nice :) I think they look more put-together for any season, but I guess in the summertime it's often too hot to wear them (and they're a bit heavy too). Cranberry or silver--I really like those colors!

      Yes indeed :D

  2. Oh-la-la! That wedding gown is gorgeous as is the reception set up you featured. Who doesn't love lots of twinkle lights!? :)

    1. I know, right? Twinkle lights are the best!

      Thanks for commenting Rissi :)


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